Friday, February 11, 2005

There Are No Christians in the White House.

The leaders of Congress have very possibly crossed the line of what is ethically acceptable for leaders of our nation. On two instances in November the Republican controlled Congress has changed the rules of procedures, in the House Rep. Tom Delay (Majority Leader) from Texas is facing indictment for campaign finance violations. In reaction, House Republicans moved to change a rule requiring for any indicted leader to resign that post. In the Senate, leaders showed their determination to maintain strict dominance not only on procedures, but also on remarks by senate members. Sen. Arlen Specter who is to be Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee which confirms presidential appointments of judges, made a statement saying that “When you talk about judges who would change the right of a woman to choose, overturn Roe vs. Wade, I think that is unlikely." The GOP and the religious right demanded immediate clarification by Specter, who satisfactorily did this in order to maintain his position as judiciary committee chair.

The question of ethics is raised because these rules are in place to assure that the minority is not suppressed. One would surmise this attempt to suppress the Democratic, liberal, and progressive voices in Congress is an attempt to suppress the free will and expression of citizens of our nation. In addition these rules assure that a criminal is not occupying a position of leadership; House leaders seem to have swept this principle aside. In addition, if partisan bickering and procedural technicalities are the only tool the minority can use to keep the majority in check then why not allow them? There is no sound logic nor ethical premise in the recent moves by the Republican majority in Congress, except for the reality of their disregard for a system created to enforce a balance of power, which assures against tyranny of any majority regardless of ideology.

We must address this issue and call our leaders on this inappropriate behavior. Congressional GOP leaders and even our President insist on crossing ethical boundaries which further deteriorate values of the world's most powerful secular nation. As the leading party in Congress claims ownership of morals and values we cannot stand by and allow for such unethical practices to occur, no matter how miniscule they may seem. And for the matters at hand, it is simply not ethical, nor prudent for Congress to jeopardize its ethical integrity. This Congress which is the only body capable of maintaining the pure essence of true American democracy.

The public must also be made aware of ethical violations within the "Peoples House". President Bush's administration paid journalist with Tax Payer dollars to promote its political agenda. It also brought someone named "Jeff Gannon" inside the White House press core. His real name is James Dale Guckert. “Mr. Gannon” has no credentials as a reporter, reported for right wing organizations named Talon News & GOPUSA, used a fake name to acquire a daily press pass, and is reported to be linked to pornographic web sites. “Mr. Gannon” was allowed inside the White House press core even before Talon News was established. Who allowed for this to happen? Who authorized it? Who permitted for this breach in security to slip by? Who disregarded the integrity of the “People’s House”? Who was the link in the White House to this male prostitute? They used this person, “Jeff Gannon” to ask "soft ball" questions and to show more support of Bush's policy within the press. Furthermore do you remember the “minor” White House scandal involving Former Ambassador Joe Wilson that disappeared off of the radar? Someone within the White House leaked the name of a CIA agent to punish and to intimidate Wilson for his opposition to the credibility of intelligence leading to the war in Iraq. This agent was Valerie Plame, Joe Wilson’s wife. “Jeff Gannon” , someone who did not belong in the White House and has no reason to be have access to confidential government information is reported to have been involved in the leak of this Highly Classified Covert government information. The White House and the President must be investigated for these illegal and unethical practices. We cannot allow for these partisan games to infect the integrity of the White House and we also cannot allow for Scott McClelan's reputation & position as Press Secretary to remain unchallenged.

The collective policies of President George W. Bush and their failures, riddled with ethical disregard, is forcing the nation to engage in a discussion of impeaching our first U.S. President for incompetence.

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