Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hilary Clinton Speaks about the Filibuster & the "Nuclear Option"

The Filibuster is a technique in the U.S. Senate where any Senator can speak at length on an act of the body in order to stall or kill the measure. This is a long standing practice in the Senate. It is this measure that makes the senate the more credible and powerful bodies of Congress. This is where even the voice of the minority can be heard. A very important American value.

This is what Hilary Clinton has to say about Republican efforts, led by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, attempt to eliminate the Filibuster. This attempt has been deemed the "Nuclear Option" because it will cause an explosion of relations between Senate Republicans & Democrats.

"If invoked, the nuclear option would be, in my view, one of the most egregious abuses of power that the Senate has experienced in its history. ...[T]he majority seeks to turn the United States Senate into a rubber stamp for President Bush's extreme judicial nominees and force all Senators to abdicate our constitutional responsibility of advice and consent. As one sworn to uphold the Constitution, that is something that I cannot do and will not do and that is why I will continue to do all I can to fight for our democratic principles. ...President Bush has nominated a few people to serve on our federal courts for life that I and many of my colleagues believe would not abide by the rule of law, which is why some of these nominees were not confirmed. Now, to stack the courts with these nominees and other extreme judges, the majority is attempting to violate long-established and agreed to Senate rules in order to do away with a constitutional check on the power of the President to pick any judicial nominees he pleases. This is wrong and inconsistent with American values. ...I will do all that I can to ensure that this does not happen. "

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

House Bill 100: Rep. Tom Delay

House of Representatives

House Bill 100
Sponsor: Rep. Tom Delay (R)

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility $250,000 shall be appropriated to my wife.

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility $80Billion shall be diverted from Domestic programs such as Medicaid & local Health Care organizations and given to the Iraq War.

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility $250,000 shall also be appropriated to my daughter.

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility $5,000,000 shall also be appropriated to me so that I can take a trip around the world advocating American interest.

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility Congress shall pursue measures to influence the Judicial branch even though they were created as an independent and equally powerful branch of the U.S. government.

In pursuit of prosperity and civic tranquility it shall be Republican strategy to attempt to misinformed the public just enough to gain support for perceived minor changes to Social Security. We will then size this opportunity to decrease benefits and divert these funds into “optional” private accounts. What regular Americans don’t know is that the reduction in benefits will at the least be 33%. In turn they will have no other option but to seek another means to pay for their retirement, giving them only 1 highly risky option to enroll in our “private investment plan”.

Furthermore let it be known the House Ethics Committee and therefore the Republican controlled House of Representatives no longer represents all Americans. In addition it no longer operates by predetermined procedures and moral standards safe guarding it from corruption and partisan influences. The Republican leaders do not process the sound judgment, civic responsibility, nor integrity necessary to maintain such procedures such as rules of ethics and the Filibuster in the Senate. Ethics hear by have no significant role in the House of Congress. All strategies, lies, deception, misinformation are acceptable and allowable by the GOP.

(This is not an actual government document or Bill. This is a fictitious document. This is sarcastic piece on House Majority Leader Tom Delay of Texas.)

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Misguided Republicans/Misguided Nation

  • The Patriot Act
  • Attempting to dismantle Social Security
  • Disenfranchising voters in African American Communities
  • The War in Iraq
  • The New Bankruptcy Law
  • Tort Reform
  • Getting involved in the Terri Schaivo situation
  • Establishment of the Department of Homeland Security
  • Paying Journalist through Government agencies to promote a partisan agenda
  • Increasing Funding for the Defense Dept. and 2 Wars
  • Decreasing funding for Domestic Programs like Medicaid
  • Attempting to take money away from Social Security therefore deeming it ineffective
  • Appointing the policy leader for the Wars to head the World Bank
  • Appointing the National Security Adviser to be Sec. Of State
  • Appointing someone opposed to the U.N. to be ambassador
  • Appointment of federal judges that only have experience as corporate lobbyist
  • Using the powers of the Presidency to distort true Christian values
  • Neglect for a responsibility to the environment
  • Empowerment of corporations & business interest on infinite levels. Therefore decreasing the power of the citizens & the voter. A VOTE is the deciding factor in a Democracy, not Dollars.
  • Deterioration of the ability of average citizens to be able to influence their government
  • Outright attacks against the financial stability of the poor & working class
  • Corruption and disregard for ethics and true morals in politics
  • More Cabinet Members to resgin since the impeached Pres. Richard Nixon
  • Perpetuating policies that collectively are producing a terrible economy, coupled with encouragement of corporate practices that possess a disregard for and lack of respect for the pocket book of the consumer.

    America is a Democracy first, before any other ideology, even before capitalism.

    Whatever your political affiliation I want u to think about what all the above items mean to you and the intentions of our government? Could you surmised as I do that everyone one of these items brings benefit, money, and power to those that really own our country; the corporations, the land, the oil? Is this right, and is this American? Hell No! And I ask you, because a majority of the people voted for these unworthy people to lead us, and I especially ask Republicans: “Who guides you, your God or your greed? President Bush speaks of an Ownership Society. I speak this: the only thing you truly own, that is only in your hands, is your soul. When it really matters, how will you account for yourself?” It is this thought that should guide yours and the decisions of our leaders.
-Anthony T. Brooks

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rep. Tom Delay's Fall from Power

A powerful leader of Congress has very possibly crossed the line of what is ethically acceptable for a leader of our great nation. Rep. Tom Delay (Majority Leader) from Texas is facing indictment for campaign finance violations. In reaction, House Republicans not only accept this disgraceful behavior but they have made effort to change rules requiring for any indicted leader to resign their post. Thus permitting a criminal to represent the citizens of the United Sates in such a critical role. Recent findings also reveal that Delay's wife and daughter were on his campaign payroll receiving $500,000 in payments over a few years.

Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R) calls Delay's tactics "the closet thing to a dictatorship he has ever seen in the House.”

Please raise awareness about House Majority Leader Tom Delay's ethics violations. Also contact your representative and let them know this type of behavior is simply not acceptable. I do believe with a little more pressure Tom Delay will have no choice but to resign this pivotal position of leadership and the responsibilities this post carries with it.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Passing of the Pope John Paul the Great

It is assuring to still see great institutions such as the Catholic Church and the United Nations that have efficiently resisted the influence of corrupt financial & media interest that see opportunity to turn a profit where simple justice, philanthropy, compassion, and generosity is needed.

May the Pope rest in peace. And my prayers go out for the Catholic Church as it seeks to select the worlds most prominent and powerful spiritual leader. This brief period of absence of a pontiff will without question bring heightened activities of evil intentions attempting to lay influence upon and within the Catholic Church.

Do we want America having weighted influence in these places (institutions like the Catholic Church and U.N.)? Hell No! The current U.S. leadership have not even adequately persevered the very values our nation, the great United States was founding upon. I speak of some very basic American principles that the Republican Party is aggressively seeking to erode. First our system of Checks and Balances where all three branches are vested with Constitutional Powers possessing the ability to keep each other in check, prevent against abuses of the majority party, and corrupt interest. Second is the idea of the American Dream. The Republican Party’s agenda to strip down the poor too middle classes’ financial assets, options, and stability while increasing government support of the rich fringes upon the very possibility of average citizens being able to attain this American Dream. Why do I say this? President Bush is in his second term and the economy has never rebounded. We have been under his policies for 5 years, and I believe its safe to say that a large part of our economic problems can be attributed to Republican policy. Tax cuts for the rich, wars that drain us of funds that are needed for domestic programs (like Medicaid), provisions of the Patriot Act, proposed reduction of benefits in Social Security, Bankruptcy and Tort Reforms all diminishing options for the little man, and corruption in government which is decreasing consumer confidence which is a prime indicator of economic recession/depression. What do I mean by corruption? For example, would you agree with me that a politician making a promise while campaigning but doing something different is a form of corruption? And do you remember President Bush saying during his campaign that he would Not privatize Social Security but this is now his biggest agenda item.

And during this time of empowerment of the religious right in the U.S. let me point out of concern for statements made by private citizens, religious leaders, and elected officials that it is neither Christian nor moral to wish anyone to “burn in Hell”. This desire should be directly in opposition to the calling of a Christian, which is to bring souls to Christ. And the duty of judgment and condemnation is also in the hands of God not man.