Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Republicans are Fiscally Irresponsible.

Republicans are in fact not more fiscally responsible in government. This is a myth. Republicans are the party of deficit spending, and big government not Democrats. I have provide facts to support my claims. What is the contrast in my opinion:

Democratic policy yes probably would support mild raises in taxes to promote programs such as affordable and quality Health Care for people in all income levels or making budgetary decrease in areas like the Dept. of Defense to increase funding in other Domestic programs like more police officers on our streets.

Republican policy would decrease taxes unproportionally for people in upper income brackets and businesses, while increasing deficit spending in areas like Defense. It would cut and decrease funding for important not just controversial programs. It would increase the number of government employees in the military, pursue costly wars, and therefore the long term liabilities associated with these commitments. It would neglect domestic programs in the hope that private sector would fill the gaps.

Here is a recent quote from President Bush. It appears he is planning to push for another tax cut for the rich.

“We've also got to make sure that we continue to reduce regulation. I think an important -- I know an important initiative that we're going to be coming forth with here probably in the fall is tax reform. I was amazed by the report the other day that there is some $330 billion a year that goes unpaid by American taxpayers. It's a phenomenal amount of money. To me, it screams for making the tax system easier to understand, more fair and to make sure that people pay their taxes -- "more fair" means pay what you owe. - George W. Bush “

The Republican led government is also neglecting a responsibility to provide adequate Health & Psychological care to soldiers and veterans. Below is a quote from a American Veterans.

“The Administration’s budget request, as well as the congressional Majority request submitted by both the House and Senate Committees on Veterans’ Affairs, provides virtually flat-line funding for veterans’ health care. The measures recommended by the Administration and congressional majority will force veterans out of the system. According to actual VA projections, 1.1 million enrolled veterans would be pushed out of the system due to the enrollment fee and new drug charges. -AMVETS”

Below are some highlights from the 2006 U.S. Budget
Defense Budget 419.3 Billion (41% Increase, China is 2nd at $30 Billion)
Iraq War 81.9 Billion per year
Health & Human Services (Medicaid, Medicare 10% Decrease) 67.2 Billion
Education $56 Billion
Homeland Security 34.2 Billion
Veteran Affairs 33.4 Billion

The Tax Cuts Cost us $120 Billion A Year
SSI Trust Fund will be Exhausted in 2041. Needed for Solvency $4 Trillion
Right Now the Deficit Is $600 Billion per year/ $8 Trillion Total

Do you still believe Republicans or at least President George W. Bush is pursuing fiscally responsible policy for the American people?

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