Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Where is our Nation headed?

A Message to Christians & Our Churches.

What would Jesus do, lets say if he were the President of the United States of America? Would he carry out a similar agenda to that of President George W. Bush and the Republicans? The Bible says that Christians are a “peculiar people”. How dare we give our allegiance to anyone but our lord and savior, our allegiance certainly in my opinion does not belong to the Republican nor the Democratic parties.

Haven’t we made enough mistakes in Iraq. We were wrong for invading Iraq, we killed and are killing innocent Iraqi citizens. We are disrespecting their culture. Because President George W. Bush mislead us or is incompetent in the area of commanding a military the lives of thousands of our men and women have been and will continue to be lost. We have not captured or killed Osama Bin Laden, and why have we diverted resources from this true War on Terror? Why aren’t our troops properly trained on interacting with the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? Why are we not respecting their culture while we claim to be bringing them Democracy. Nelson Mandela, former President of South Africa should be leading the efforts in building Democracy in Iraq not President George W. Bush. Bush’s policy in his own words is “bring it on”. Nelson’s advise to our president is “democracy can not be forced, it must be home grown”. True words of wisdom from a truly great leader. Bring our troops home, Now!

President Bush has had success in only one area, which I support in the Faith Based Initiatives (FBCI). But my Christian brothers & sisters I believe some of us have been fooled. Republicans have crossed boundaries and taking advantage of our kindness, generosity, and frankly the financial needs of our churches. But the true Christian Church can not be bought. Those of you whose names were once written in the Lambs Book of Life may find it erased because you turned the other cheek while innocent lives across the globe are becoming casualties of war, and while domestic needs like jobs, homeland security, Social Security, & Health Care are being neglected at home. Please follow the Holy Spirit, the example of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of our God and not give the respect of these our sacred Trinity to a businessman and politician in George W. Bush, who may very well be the first fool.

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