Thursday, June 09, 2005

Stealing YOUR Money!

A Bad Feeling in My Gut

Doesn’t it seem like government and the private sector are trying to drain us of our money, and even money they owe to us?

However the government is not seeking increased measures to protect the consumer and worker. The current government however is strengthening financial protections for corporations.

Just a few Examples:
-The new Bankruptcy Laws placing a greater burden on the consumer to pay their debts.

-Courts deciding that corporations do not have to pay its employees their pensions (ex: United Airlines: Corporation must be required to give employees the benifits they were promised. How can the American system of captilism function if businessess/coporations do not honor their agreements, contracts, and commitment to its employees and customers?)

-Current dialogue to not maintain the SSI program where we that earn under $90,000 a year are presently placing our money into

I cannot ignore the fact that our current President George W. Bush is a former owner of a baseball team and his entire family have major financial investments in the Oil Industry. And our Vice President is a former executive with the company Haliburton which now is in charge of our entire spending in the WARS in Iraq and Afghanistan.

And coupled with recent changes in our voting system using electronic machines that do not provide every voter with a simple receipt recording their vote brings me to one conclusion. Am I the only American citizen that sees that our President and Vice President are using their positions to ripp us off?

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the truth is out there said...

It never has been OUR money, but the neocons have taken stealing our mouney to a new level! Greed, Power, Control, without regard to the middle and lower classes, I say classes, I should say income, because we have at the lowest income levels, more CLASS then they have on the upper. Greed, Power, and Whats in it for ME is their agenda! Real Christian like
huh!! One thing I know for sure if Christ were here on earth today, one thing he wouldent be is a christain neocon.