Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Let us pray for our friends, family, and fellow Americans effected by Hurricane Katrina that recently devastated Louisiana and Mississippi. I know many of you are tired of this story already, and I was planning to not write about it. But after seeing a family pulled through the roof of their home I could barely prevent myself from shedding tears.

Not to politicize this tragic event, but something must be said. Were these places not prepared or even neglected because they consist of so many African American Communities? From what I see on the news at least 80% of those effected in this Hurricane are black.

Let us Pray that no More lives will be lost.

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Impeachment March on Washington

September 24: Impeachment March on Washington

Join the Impeachment Contingent at the Next Largest Anti-War Demonstration Thus Far

White House - 12 noon

In light of the state of our economy, the continued misinformation provided by the White House, voting discrepancies in the elections of 2000 & 2004, the President and Vice President’s financial interest in the War on Terror, disregard for procedures of Justice in the detaining of foreigners, changes in monetary policy favoring corporations and the wealthy, Gas Prices, the Karl Rove Scandal, a disregard to matters concerning the Will of the People, and the Downing Street Memo; I know without a doubt that WE, the American People have been HOOD WINKLED.

Demanding the Resignation or Impeachment of President G. W. Bush and V.P. Cheney is a stance on principle required in order to respect the mandates of our Constitution and the ideas of American Democracy. Our nation was founded on the notion that “All men were created equal, endowed with unalienable rights” which implies that American values of Justice are universal and applies to all; citizen, alien, or enemy. Justice is blind and is constant in all situations, in all times; War or Peace. There is no other public office than the President that is charged with maintaining these American standards, a duty that G.W. Bush has been derelict in. And there is no better system in the world than the U.S. system of Checks and Balances investing Justice, Executive Duties, and Legislation in three separate and equally powerful institutions. But when these balances are off set, tainted, & corrupted this once Just America could become the very embodiment of the oppressive ideas that spurred the creation of our ideas of freedom.

What American values do I speak of? The value of Democracy, which takes precedence over capitalism. It is Democracy we should strive to preserve. This is a principle that is synonymous with Freedom. Capitalism is an economic construct subject to change. Our nation was founded on the principle of Democracy and our economic system of capitalism would not exist without first a sound democracy and all the rights it give to its citizens. Even the right to choose a different economic system. And there is another necessity for this sound democracy to maintain; for the Election process to remain void of partisan influences, special interest, and corruption. With partisan Supervisor of Election offices and State Secretaries, new inauditble voting systems, the election of 2000 when the Supreme Court decided the president of the United States, and in 2004 with voter suppression and discrepancies in the states of Florida, Ohio, and Washington this is not the case.

The value of Justice and the Law of Due Process. Our Constitution recognizes there are procedures for administrating Justice even to though someone may be classified as an enemy combatants. I speak specifically of the War on Terror, Iraq, & Afghanistan. There is no exception; there is no gray area. Justice is Justice. President Bush has gravely disregarded this principle in his War on Terror. The President is not above the Law, nor is the military. Nor do they possess the Constitutional right to restrict oversight of all matters of our nation from the people. They are vested with doing nothing ore, than serving the American people and abiding by our Constitution, Laws & Treaties.

The American Precedent of War. Yes, America has a tradition of War but in carrying this big stick we have a responsibility to ourselves and the World. We must not abuse this power and gift, which we are presently doing. And at the very least the President must be truthful with the American people on the matters of War. For there is No more serious decision that a nation can make.

This is not a matter of Democrat or Republican. Conservative or Liberal. Christian or Muslim. But of Democracy & Justice. And there is only one way, the American way. President George W. Bush and V.P. Dick Cheney must step down or we, the American people, must remove them from office.

-Anthony Brooks
Checks & Balances

Vote to Impeach

Impeach Central

Monday, August 29, 2005

Crooks in the White House

Too Bad Colin Powell Associated himself with this bunch of Liars, Crooks, & Murderers.

While discussing everyday life (like gas prices and the environment) and politics with a co-worker he said something that struck a cord. “Maybe one day they’ll listen, before it’s too late.” I ask a simple question: why aren’t those in power currently in the United States listening to the People? We do live in a Democracy.

Why Aren't They Listening?

G.W. Bush's Poll Ratings are now at 40%

A Call for Organization

“Focusing Civic Involvement Like a Laser Beam”

I would urge those of you Decent & Good Americans no matter your Political Affiliation to consider becoming active in supporting causes to correct a number of missteps the current leadership of our nation has made.

1) Preserving Social Security in its Current Form
2) Ending the Iraq War
3) Removing Karl Rove from his position within the White House
4) Holding President Bush and Dick Cheney Accountable through Investigation up too Impeachment for a plethora of allegations and possible crimes dealing with misinformation, corruption, observing international standards of Justice & human rights, and their financial interest in the War in Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror.
5) Correcting Voting Discrepancies throughout the nation. Especially the matter of every county possessing an auditable voting system and the desire of voters to receive a receipt for their vote.
6) Labor & Jobs: job creation, job retention, employee wages & benefits, labor unions

These are simple, non-partisan, black and white matters paramount to the prosperity and integrity of our great nation. Republicans and Democrats surely should be able to meet in the in the middle on these matters.

Comments: Many Americans, especially those claiming to be “Conservative” ignore or fail to fathom the reality that an Administration such as G.W. Bush’s could destroy the economic & moral fabric of our nation in such a short time of 4 to 8 years. The above six objectives besides putting more Democrats and Independents into office are important. Frankly & strongly, on the issue of Social Security we cannot allow for this President and this Congress to lay their hands on this program. We live in times where our children are being born and raised in a nation led by a President whom has no regard for basic ethics and accountability. Who has no respect for religious beliefs other than his own. What effect will these 8 years have on the character of your child? Even little children see that their President G. W. Bush does not have their general best interest in mind; I pray these your children don’t see the same in you as you attempt to support men in G.W. Bush & Dick Cheney whom are void of character. Yes in deed the President of the United States of America possesses the power to destroy his own country.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robertson Does Not Represent the Christian Faith

Those of us that are Christian are called to follow the example of Jesus Christ not that of self serving and spiritually misguided religious leaders like Pat Robertson, Jerry Farwell and Willie Wilson.

“For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you.” John 13:15

Pat Robertson, a professed Man of God who has a vast following through the popular Christian T.V. Show 700 Club. Robertson has gone off track of the work of a Religious leader especially one that has committed himself to abide by the teachings of the Holy Bible. And in accepting the call to be a Christian Leader Robertson has committed himself to being an example for others, to present the Christian faith to the World, to not deviate from Christian values and certainly not to expose false Christian values.

Robertson has said the United States should assassinate Hugo Chavez, the Democratically Elected President of Venezuela. In addition, what makes this statement dubious is how it relates to the perception held by many American citizens like myself that believe that corrupt American “interest” are attempting to steal oil from poorer and weaker nations. Venezuela provides 14% of the United State’s Oil.

“Thou shalt not kill.” Exodus 20:13

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Monday, August 22, 2005

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember Abu Ghraib Prison?

Do You Remember G. W. Bush saying “I will not privatize Social Security“?

Do you Remember Bush saying “anyone involved in the CIA Leak will be dealt with“?

Do you Remember President Bush saying “Iraq is a growing and present danger”?

Do You Remember WMD in Iraq?

Do you Remember President Bush saying “Saddam tried to kill my father“?

Do you remember when gas was $1.00?

Do you know that the Bush Family gets its wealth from Oil?

Do you Remember Dick Cheney saying “the insurgency was in its last throws?

Do you know that Dick Cheney is a Former Halliburton Executive?

Do you know that Bush’s “Brain” Karl Rove leaked the name of a CIA Agent?

Do you know the Architect of the Iraq War Paul Wolfowitz now heads the World Bank?

Do you remember the integrity possessed by Colin Powell who was literally fired?

Do you remember having a feeling of Relief in knowing you earned Social Security in your Older Age?

Do you remember when our Religious Leaders kept politicians ( Bill Frist & Tom Delay) from manipulating our Churches, Synagogues, and Temples?

Do you remember when a Mother of a Fallen Soldier (Cindy Sheehan) could speak to the President without being Politically attacked?

Do You Remember America?

Discussion on Ms. Cindy Sheehan

It’s not necessary to make this issue more complex than it is.Are we saying that any regular citizen that asserts their right of freedom of speech, and happens to gain national support has to be subject to the same scrutiny as elected officials? I hope, and think not.
Sheehan is the mother of a fallen solider. Point Blank. How dare anyone talk such Bull and “attempt” to discredit this fact simply because you disagree with Sheehan’s political persuasion. This is complete hypocrisy.

Where am I coming from? Many people make the argument to support this soldier but discredit and attack His mom. I am sure that you will likewise “attempt” to discredit every soldier that has fought and is now speaking out against the War simply because you disagree with their views. Attack what they say, not them personally. Attack their politics but not their Right to Dissent, and Do Attack the Real credibility that a mother of a fallen soldier possesses . That is the line that is being crossed that I strongly object too. They have earned the Right to dissent because of their great sacrifice for our country.

You know it upsets me greatly to hear the opinion of persons that especially claim to be “Conservative” whose ideas has no foundation on Ethical principle. There is a line to be drawn especially when you speak of our military families. I does matter if you are Republican or Democrat: For example It is like a criminal knowing right from wrong and they continue to choose wrong. I believe many “conservatives” are fully aware of the errors in your views, but you choose to expose & hold frankly dubious beliefs. I assure you that because these very erroneous views have encroached upon the everyday lives of average Americans that were once apathetic, your hypocrisy and blatant misinformation will lead to demise of the political & economic power that persons of “conservative” political persuasion currently hold.

But back on track to the matter of Ms. Cindy Sheehan. If anyone is going tell me that we should not give special attention to Military Families that sacrifice so much for our nation than you might as well renounce your citizenship. There is no greater sacrifice that any of us can make for our country besides fighting in the War ourselves. Yawl’s opposition to Ms. Sheehan is saying these sacrifices are being made in vain. That military families have no increased benefit, nor access above the death benefits received from their deceased family member.

This has nothing to do with Liberalism. I have heard some call Ms. Sheehan's Protest/Vigil and request to meet with G. W. Bush as “whining“? It is fact, Ms. Sheehan lost her son in Iraq. Are you willing you give your children sparingly to die for the governments excursions? Send your children to Iraq, for them to be killed; and then You sit back and say nothing, rather you support or oppose the War.

Sheehan is a private citizen. What she is doing is equivalent to us exercising our right to vote. I take it many of you would support partisan efforts to discredit a citizen’s right to vote that do not agree with a certain ideology? You would probably see this as “fair game”. A private citizen has rights to speak out, and this rush to discredit Ms. Sheehan's efforts will do nothing but open the door for the same to happen to you and me.

There is another mother of a fallen soldier that is in support of the War in Iraq. My view would be the same for both of these ladies.

Simply put, leave the woman alone.

Your comments are welcome, but please keep it Civil & Objective.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cindy Sheehan is Simply a Good American Citizen

I write this post out of disgust and in response to those that are unduly criticizing the mother Ms. Cindy Sheehan that lost her son in the Iraq War. Ms. Sheehan has been camped outside of Mr. George W. Bush’s Crawford, Texas ranch during his 5 week vacation. She pledges to hold this Vigil/Protest until the end of Bush’s vacation.

Some have said that Ms. Sheehan is making political statements, and has “thoughts without clarity”. For god’s sake she is an average citizen; she is a mother, not a politician or actor. She can say whatever she pleases. Some have criticized Ms. Sheehan for her divorce and her relationship with her family. All of this talk is absurd and irrelevant. It is not our place to critique her, but to support her. How much must we ask of the families of our fallen soldiers?!!! Mr. Bush and the Republican Party have employed professional political operatives, organizations, & White House resources to discredit Ms. Sheehan, an average American citizen. This is simply a shame.

It is not a radical notion to assert that tax paying Americans that do not support the War possess the right to demand answers, to demand change in American policy, and to demand Victory in Iraq. Especially those tax paying Americans that have lost Family in Iraq. I must emphasize “tax paying”. It is your and my money that is paying for the War in Iraq.

If you would visualize our Justice system as an analogy to this protest by Ms. Sheehan. Ms. Sheehan is the plaintiff, and Mr. Bush is the defendant. He took us to War; he made the call that cost the life of Ms. Sheehan’s son. Now he must answer every one of her concerns. Concerns held by the majority of American citizens that truly wish to preserve the integrity of our system of Democracy. This wish that Republicans and Democrats could overwhelmingly agree upon.

If Jesus Christ himself were out calling this War wrong, many of you would attempt to discredit him. Liberals listen to reason. What do Conservatives listen too? By your actions, it is certainly not your proclaimed Faith in God.

I simply ask for this issue with Ms. Cindy Sheehan to not be politicized, and mucked up. The matter is black and white; Cindy Sheehan is a grieving mother that would like to speak with the President. She gave her son for Bush’s War, what sacrifices have you made for the War in Iraq?

Please support Ms. Sheehan’s efforts.

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Meet with Cindy Org:

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bush Scandal Goes On


White House Denied That Rove Had Any Involvement In Leak Case, Even Though He Did. "Among the many questions surrounding the investigation into who in the Bush administration leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer is whether President Bush's top political adviser told his boss the truth about his connection to the case. Two years ago, the White House denied that Karl Rove played any role, but revelations in the past month have shown that Rove spoke with two journalists about the operative, Valerie Plame. Whether Bush knew the truth while the White House was issuing its denials is not publicly known. White House spokesman Scott McClellan was so adamant in his denials in September 2003 that he told reporters the president knew that Rove wasn't involved in the leak. 'How does he know that?' a reporter asked, referring to the president. 'I'm not going to get into conversations that the president has with advisers or staff,' McClellan replied." [AP, 8/11/05; http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/nation/20050811-1450-cialeak-investigation.html]

Besides Political Problem, A Rove Lie To Bush Could Be Another Broken Federal Law. "Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald questioned Bush a year ago and the prosecutor's office has questioned Rove repeatedly, so presumably investigators know the answer to what, if anything, Rove told Bush. Whether Rove shaded the truth with Bush two years ago is a potential political problem. The president so far has stood by Rove's side, even raising the bar for dismissing subordinates. Two years ago, Bush pledged to fire any leakers, but now he says he would fire anyone who committed a crime. If Rove didn't tell Bush the truth, that theoretically could be a legal problem for the presidential aide under the federal false statement statute." [AP, 8/11/05; http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/nation/20050811-1450-cialeak-investigation.html]

What was the basis for McClellan's statement that Bush "knew that Karl Rove" was not involved? Had Bush expressly asked Rove? Did Rove tell him that he was Novak's confirming source? If he didn't then is he being prosecuted under the federal false statement statute? If Rove did tell Bush the truth, did Bush tell McClellan to make the statement anyway? If Bush knew of Rove's role in the leak did he help in the political cover for Rove, with this statement and others?

28 DAYSSince The American Public Learned That A White House Official With Security Clearance Leaked The Identity Of A Covert CIA Operative.

Information from the DNC

Friday, August 12, 2005

We Good Americans Need to Get Organized

Everyday as the state of our nation worsens I become increasingly upset. There is not one organization, one Party, or any politician speaking up for America.

Unfortunately, those that hold the Power within the United States have brought our country to a point where Republicans, Independents and Democrats may very well be forced to unite. You may think, “how in the World can this ever happen?”

I Know this:

When my friends and I walk on the beach all we see and smell are dead fish.

When I fill up my gas tank I use to pay $14 and now I’m paying $25 bucks.

When I hear George W. Bush speak all I hear are fumbling lies and him ignoring the cries of a mother who lost her son in Iraq for his War.

Enough is Enough. My backyard, my wallet, and the values of my country have been invaded by whom? Bush-likes, Republicans, Crazy Liberals, Neo-Cons. Someone is to blame.

Who ever is accountable? The nation has changed for the worse. I want a refund on my money and my Vote. And my friends and I want our beach back.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The U.S. Positions itself to Attack Iran

After hearing U.S. Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld speak today I am certain the U.S. is positioning itself strategically, militarily, with the U.N. and the IAEA to attack Iran. I predict this will occur approximately January 2006.

With decreasing support for the War in Iraq, common sense should direct the Defense Department towards the process of withdrawing our troops from Iraq and the Middle Easter Region but Washington D.C. is void of this virtue. Plans have been made to increase troop levels in the Fall.

The State Dept. is also considering not granting a VISA to the Iranian President because of his alleged connection to terrorism when he was a student.

My analysis of the Iranian perspective is they will not discontinue their nuclear program. It even seems they are pursuing such a program in defiance to the United States specifically. Almost exactly like North Korea is.

Defense Dept. Briefing:

International Atomic Energy Agency Briefing (IAEA):

CNN Reports:

New Update: Iran Breaks IAEA Seals

FOX Reports:

Back Ground on Iran by the State Dept:

My Opinion: Is our international policy under President Bush failing? Has the tangled web he has woven out of misplaced intentions, motivations, and misinformation specifically in regards to the War on Terror put us in a pickle that will be impossible to sort our way out of? What pickle do I speak of? Countries like Iran and North Korea having the Nuclear Bomb leaving us with only 2 options: go to War or build a missile shield. My friends we simply cannot go to war with every country in the world. The ball was dropped on the prime targets we should have been and NOW should be focused upon. As I write the U.S. & our Allies are wasting resources trying to steal Oil from the Middle East. The War on Terror: How high will the stakes now be when the terrorist are walking around in American neighborhoods with A-bombs in their back packs?

In addition I believe these recent occurrences are all products on the new U.N. Ambassador John Bolton at work, preparing to send more American men & women into another unjust & unsupported War in Iran.

Sen. Barbara Boxer Calls for Protest Against John Bolton

“Can't the Bush Administration ever admit they made a mistake?
On Monday, despite widespread opposition from Senators of both parties, as well as the American people, President Bush appointed John Bolton as UN Ambassador. By using the rarely utilized "recess appointment" while Congress is away over the month of August, the White House effectively thumbed its nose at the Senate, bypassing our Constitutional responsibility to "advise and consent" on such a nomination. It's yet one more example -- as if we haven't seen enough already -- of the absolute arrogance of power displayed by this President and his Administration over and over again.
Enough is enough.

Protest President Bush’s foolish decision to recess appoint john Bolton, e-mail and phone the White House today!

Despite his public pledge to run as a "uniter, not a divider," the President has never heeded his own call. Over the past few months, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings to determine whether or not John Bolton was fit to serve as UN Ambassador. In addition to learning from Bolton's subordinates that he bullied analysts in an effort to contort intelligence to his own ends, the White House stonewalled our request for critical documents to shed light on his activities at the State Department.

As a result, the Foreign Relations Committee, controlled by the President's own party, failed to vote Bolton's nomination out with a favorable recommendation. And the Senate refused to confirm him as well, with both Republicans and Democrats working to stop this terrible nomination from going forward. As if this weren't already enough, just this past week the State Department admitted that John Bolton did not tell the truth on a statement which he swore to the Senate was truthful -- an effort to hide the fact that Bolton himself had been questioned by the Inspector General about the false claim made by President Bush that Iraq tried to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger. Lying to Congress shouldn't be a reason to promote someone -- it should be grounds for dismissal.

Hold President Bush accountable for his poor judgment in appointing John Bolton, e-mail and call the White House now!

Sending an individual as controversial as John Bolton to be our representative to the world will only undermine our efforts to win friends and allies at this critical time. Surely President Bush could have done better than John Bolton. President Bush needs to know that the American people are watching. We will remember his continued effort to put politics ahead of the national interest -- to subvert the will of the American people and the Congress, including members of his own Republican Party.

Make no mistake, we will hold President Bush and his Republican Party accountable at the ballot box next November for their continued arrogance and poor judgment.

Make sure President Bush gets the message, loud and clear. Make your voice heard now!

In Friendship,
Barbara Boxer “

Senator Barbara Boxer Pac For Change

Monday, August 08, 2005

United Nations Oil For Food Scandal

Some pundits, political office holders, and specific media outlets seek to place blame & guilt on U.N. Secretary General Koffi Anan for the oil For Food Scandal. However investigations that are being led by the United States have yet to find an once of evidence that Anan was involved or even aware of these kick backs being taking by U.N. officials from business interest across the globe.

Charges and indictments however have been brought against others. Some of which are United States citizens from Texas involved in the Oil industry. Being this would precisely describe President George W. Bush. Bush is more heavily involved in the Oil for Food Scandal as Koffi Anan.

Allegations made against Sec. General Koffi Anan must end until the appropriate investigative bodies bring charges against him, which to date, there have been zero.

CNN Reports:

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Senator Bill Frist Looses Religious Right.

CNN Reports:

My Opinion:
Sen. Bill Frist is experiencing a severe back lash from the right because of his support for Stem Cell Research. Frist’s presidential credibility, honesty & sincerity will all be greatly challenged if he decides to run for president. He is turning out to be a follower of the polls and a flip flopper to an extent greater than Former Dem. Presidential Candidate John Kerry.

Monday, August 01, 2005

War On Terror: Body Count

War On Terror
Death Count
The Innocent: 29, 421

American/Ally Troops: 7615

Terrorist: (Unknown)
Total Killed in My Estimation Not Including Terrorist:
(This Number consists of Americans lost in 9/11, Emergency Workers, Contractors, U.S./Ally Troops, Iraq & Afghan Civilians. My estimation has no scientific accuracy.)
109, 290

Information compiled from the U.S. Department of Defense & icasualties.org/oif/

Reaction to John Bolton’s Recess Appointment

We the People, had all hoped to see President G.W. Bush nominate an American of character to the United Nations. A person that believes in international cooperation versus U.S. domination on matters of War, Peace, and Humanitarian Aid. To no surprise our President has let us down once again.

My message now is simple, and takes only a bit of common sense to understand. As seen with the War in Iraq, the United States demanding domination of the U.N. is setting ourselves up for failure. This is precisely what John Bolton seeks to do within the United Nations. It is fact the U.N. is the best forum for All countries, weak & powerful, to come together for the good of humanity.

America & the World is at War, and the last thing we need is an Ambassador to the U.N. that does have the confidence of the Senate and therefore he does not have the support of citizens of the United States of America.

The appointment of John Bolton is not a disputed issue between Republicans and Democrats, but it is another bad decision by President George W. Bush. This issue deals with our National Security, protecting our homes, our families and our children from Terrorist not pushing an ideological agenda. We need a different caliber of American to represent our nation and our people at the United Nations, than John Bolton.

President Bush through his policy and the people he has working for him, point blank is saying he is corrupt and does not give a damn about the repercussions of the abuses and unethical behavior that happen on his watch. He does not give a damn about the repercussions of the image he is portraying and its effect on our nation and on our children. He has appointed John Bolton who has been accused of intimidating and seeking to have fired government officials that disagreed with his ideas. Karl Rove is involved in the leaking of the name of a CIA agent working in counter terrorism because her husband Fmr. Ambassador Joe Wilson disagreed with administration assertions that Iraq was purchasing nuclear material from Africa.

Because of such moves by President Bush I predict the American people may be left with no choice but to expand the boundaries of our democracy and call for an untraditional, unconventional, and historic change within this specific Bush lead Executive Arm of our government. How do we make this call? We can revolt non-violently, we can push the democratic process via investigations and impeachment through Congress, we can organize a mass campaign consisting of petitions, TV Ads and other pressures towards a Bush/Cheney resignation. We can do the entire above, but we must do something!

President Bush will now have to expend needed political capital to counter the public's outcry to see 3 of his groupies FIRED: John Bolton, Karl Rove, and Paul Wolfowitz.

The Progressive, Liberal, and Democratic communities now must wage a political and ideological War with the Neo-Cons and Republicans. We must not waver on the following issues, ranked in order of how WE (citizens, activist, journalist, non-profits, political organizations) should allocate our resources.

1) Social Security
2) The War in Iraq
3) Karl Rove
4) John Bolton
5) President Bush’s Impeachment b) Dick Cheney’s Impeachment
6) Paul Wolfvfowitz

CNN Reports:

My Opinion: If we allow for such patterns of behavior to continue unchecked within our government, communities, and businesses America will become a breeding ground for liars, cheaters, and corruption. The next Sodom & Gomorra. And all this brought about by a proclaimed “conservative” President G.W. Bush embracing some form of Christianity not recognizable by God himself.