Monday, August 22, 2005

Discussion on Ms. Cindy Sheehan

It’s not necessary to make this issue more complex than it is.Are we saying that any regular citizen that asserts their right of freedom of speech, and happens to gain national support has to be subject to the same scrutiny as elected officials? I hope, and think not.
Sheehan is the mother of a fallen solider. Point Blank. How dare anyone talk such Bull and “attempt” to discredit this fact simply because you disagree with Sheehan’s political persuasion. This is complete hypocrisy.

Where am I coming from? Many people make the argument to support this soldier but discredit and attack His mom. I am sure that you will likewise “attempt” to discredit every soldier that has fought and is now speaking out against the War simply because you disagree with their views. Attack what they say, not them personally. Attack their politics but not their Right to Dissent, and Do Attack the Real credibility that a mother of a fallen soldier possesses . That is the line that is being crossed that I strongly object too. They have earned the Right to dissent because of their great sacrifice for our country.

You know it upsets me greatly to hear the opinion of persons that especially claim to be “Conservative” whose ideas has no foundation on Ethical principle. There is a line to be drawn especially when you speak of our military families. I does matter if you are Republican or Democrat: For example It is like a criminal knowing right from wrong and they continue to choose wrong. I believe many “conservatives” are fully aware of the errors in your views, but you choose to expose & hold frankly dubious beliefs. I assure you that because these very erroneous views have encroached upon the everyday lives of average Americans that were once apathetic, your hypocrisy and blatant misinformation will lead to demise of the political & economic power that persons of “conservative” political persuasion currently hold.

But back on track to the matter of Ms. Cindy Sheehan. If anyone is going tell me that we should not give special attention to Military Families that sacrifice so much for our nation than you might as well renounce your citizenship. There is no greater sacrifice that any of us can make for our country besides fighting in the War ourselves. Yawl’s opposition to Ms. Sheehan is saying these sacrifices are being made in vain. That military families have no increased benefit, nor access above the death benefits received from their deceased family member.

This has nothing to do with Liberalism. I have heard some call Ms. Sheehan's Protest/Vigil and request to meet with G. W. Bush as “whining“? It is fact, Ms. Sheehan lost her son in Iraq. Are you willing you give your children sparingly to die for the governments excursions? Send your children to Iraq, for them to be killed; and then You sit back and say nothing, rather you support or oppose the War.

Sheehan is a private citizen. What she is doing is equivalent to us exercising our right to vote. I take it many of you would support partisan efforts to discredit a citizen’s right to vote that do not agree with a certain ideology? You would probably see this as “fair game”. A private citizen has rights to speak out, and this rush to discredit Ms. Sheehan's efforts will do nothing but open the door for the same to happen to you and me.

There is another mother of a fallen soldier that is in support of the War in Iraq. My view would be the same for both of these ladies.

Simply put, leave the woman alone.

Your comments are welcome, but please keep it Civil & Objective.

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