Monday, August 08, 2005

United Nations Oil For Food Scandal

Some pundits, political office holders, and specific media outlets seek to place blame & guilt on U.N. Secretary General Koffi Anan for the oil For Food Scandal. However investigations that are being led by the United States have yet to find an once of evidence that Anan was involved or even aware of these kick backs being taking by U.N. officials from business interest across the globe.

Charges and indictments however have been brought against others. Some of which are United States citizens from Texas involved in the Oil industry. Being this would precisely describe President George W. Bush. Bush is more heavily involved in the Oil for Food Scandal as Koffi Anan.

Allegations made against Sec. General Koffi Anan must end until the appropriate investigative bodies bring charges against him, which to date, there have been zero.

CNN Reports:


The Game said...

Yes, I'm sure Bush had more to do with the oil for food scandal than anyone at the U.N.

And the garbage man knows more about how to fix my toilet than the plumber.

you seem like a really crazy lib, please come to my site and let that craziness fly

Anthony said...

Response to "The Game":

You are free to comment here but please keep it respectful or your remarks will be deleted.

You call me crazy. Well, Thank You. I'm crazy as a Fox:)

You regard my simple observation that persons charged in the Oil for Food Scandal being from Texas and in the Oil Industry and implying that President Bush may have some involvement as crazy? Would you then support an investigation, if my assertion is crazy?

I am trained as apolitical scientist. But unlike many political strategist out there (like Karl Rove) I have integrity. Therefore I believe the American government can pursue policies that are good for all its people. The Republican & Democratic Parties cannot survive if the country is united. They must pursue agendas that divide the population. The goal of Checks & Balances is to play , (yes I know) a very very small & simple role in filling this gap. How? By speaking the Truth and Calling them How I See Them.

The Game said...

I agree that the political parties need there to be division to stay alive...but without goint into it further, I just believe the left have become the masters of this game:

rich vs poor
black vs white
old vs young

The Game said...

sad to see you or none of your readers have posted comments on my site.