Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The U.S. Positions itself to Attack Iran

After hearing U.S. Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld speak today I am certain the U.S. is positioning itself strategically, militarily, with the U.N. and the IAEA to attack Iran. I predict this will occur approximately January 2006.

With decreasing support for the War in Iraq, common sense should direct the Defense Department towards the process of withdrawing our troops from Iraq and the Middle Easter Region but Washington D.C. is void of this virtue. Plans have been made to increase troop levels in the Fall.

The State Dept. is also considering not granting a VISA to the Iranian President because of his alleged connection to terrorism when he was a student.

My analysis of the Iranian perspective is they will not discontinue their nuclear program. It even seems they are pursuing such a program in defiance to the United States specifically. Almost exactly like North Korea is.

Defense Dept. Briefing:

International Atomic Energy Agency Briefing (IAEA):

CNN Reports:

New Update: Iran Breaks IAEA Seals

FOX Reports:

Back Ground on Iran by the State Dept:

My Opinion: Is our international policy under President Bush failing? Has the tangled web he has woven out of misplaced intentions, motivations, and misinformation specifically in regards to the War on Terror put us in a pickle that will be impossible to sort our way out of? What pickle do I speak of? Countries like Iran and North Korea having the Nuclear Bomb leaving us with only 2 options: go to War or build a missile shield. My friends we simply cannot go to war with every country in the world. The ball was dropped on the prime targets we should have been and NOW should be focused upon. As I write the U.S. & our Allies are wasting resources trying to steal Oil from the Middle East. The War on Terror: How high will the stakes now be when the terrorist are walking around in American neighborhoods with A-bombs in their back packs?

In addition I believe these recent occurrences are all products on the new U.N. Ambassador John Bolton at work, preparing to send more American men & women into another unjust & unsupported War in Iran.


The Game said...

So the fact that polls show people do not like thw war on terror right now is reason enough to leave?

Do you know only about 33% of people wanted us to go to war versus England?

It is refreshing to see a politician in todays day and age do what is right and not worry about polls.

Anthony said...

Response to "the game"

My opposition to the War is plan & simple.

We should NOT have been there in the first place.

When the U.S. is attacked again like on 9/11 because we diverted our attention & resources to Iraq then maybe we'll see eye to eye.

I could care less about polls in regards to the War. It’s the principle of it.