Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Katrina Response Causes Major Political Fall Out

African Americans Disgusted with KatrinaResponse:

Yes, There are Poor Folk in America:

Bush’s Support Falls Below 40%:

My opinion: After Republicans have been making head way within the Black Community this terrible response from Katrina may very well push the black community deeper in support of the Democratic Party. How will the Republicans step up after this obvious neglect within major poor & black communities within the South? Will they take up causes to promote Economic Development within these communities benefiting the African Americans that live there or will they continue to disregard these folk as disposable? One thing I do know, with the current Republican agenda the masses of the Poor are increasing. The Party that serves these American citizens will gain their support and their vote.


Rahshad said...

Politics??!! Are you serious??!!Your devisive opinion is as unconcerned as GWB's response to the tragedy in the first place! If your concern is all about where the African-American vote will fall then you have completely missed the point. Despite what the mdeia showed, LA. is not all Black and is not a third world country with foreign refugees. It is americas playground, has a rich history and is a very good example of how cities may look if the poor are left unchanged. You admit yourself that poverty is engulfing a larger part of our rich nation. The top of the American economic pyramid is being sharpened. The majority of Americans don't truly believe that we are a family until we have a tragedy to rouse periodic emotional outbreaks. Usually, after 5 days or so we change the channel. We wear a donkey or an elephant to distinguish our lines in our American seperate cultures. As our economy deteriorates more you may find that "poor" will become a race and survival instincts will take place where voting once did. If we do not recognize the problems of the poor we may very well join them sometime soon. Focus on change and not votes. Thats the problem with our nation...Disconnected by a power struggle.

Anthony said...

Rashad: this post was to provide information.

The African American vote is not what I'm all about; it simply was a point in this specific post.

You are implying that we disregard Politics? You do understand that do achieve change their must be changes within the Government.

In addition please remember I'm not a politician, just a citizen like you. This entire Blog is advocating positive change not partisanship.