Monday, October 10, 2005

The Democratic Party Articulates its Message

Democrats Present Energy Plan

“WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Bush administration is not doing enough to push for energy conservation as fuel costs skyrocket since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Sen. Maria Cantwell said Saturday in the Democrats' weekly radio address.

"Conservation must be more than a convenient slogan," Cantwell said.

"Recently, the administration has rejected conservation attempts like more accurate fuel mileage for cars and bipartisan proposals for reducing our dependence on foreign oil by a million barrels a day."

Cantwell, who will be seeking her second term as senator from the state of Washington next year, said Democrats want new laws to protect consumers from price-gouging and encourage investment in lightweight materials and alternative fuels.

Rising fuel prices are costing people their jobs, pensions and their businesses, she said. Farmers are having a hard time breaking even, and school districts are being forced to choose between hiring new teachers and covering higher energy bills, she added.

"These are the terrible consequences of our overdependence on fossil fuel," Cantwell said. "The natural disasters of Katrina and Rita have showed us firsthand how truly vulnerable we are."

She said ninety-percent of Americans believe price gouging is occurring at the pumps in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Cantwell said 28 states currently have laws on the books to prevent price-gouging, and we should pass something at the federal level as well.

"Senate Democrats believe we should pass new legislation to stop price manipulation," she said.

"Unfortunately, there are those in the nation's Capitol who do not believe consumers need further protection, she added, in an obvious reference to the Bush administration and Republicans in Congress.”

Senator Harry Reid, Minority Leader said “It seems as though every time I flip on the television some pundit is talking about how Democrats have no agenda. Well just because a myth is repeated a few thousand times doesn't make it true. The other day I heard one say "Democrats have no energy agenda." Actually it's Republicans whose only energy agenda seems to be giving tax breaks to their friends at oil companies (as reported on daily Kos).

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The Game said...

so was is their plan there???
conserve...I heard that...

and then a bunch of whinning and complaining

no plan to get MORE drilling, no new power plants, no more refining stations...nothing...

real good plan...

Can you admit you are a liberal please?

Anthony said...

Yes, the Democrats have been stating their plan during their radio Addresses. Specifically focusing on Education and Energy. I will post more detailed info about their plans next month.

Your statement about whining and complaining is, I don't know. Are you trying to appeal to stupid people? This is a Democracy: the Great United States of America and my friend expressing your dissent and what you want is far from whining. It is the American Democratic process and remarks like yours that are aimed to intimate Americans citizen from exercising their Constitutional Right.

On a personal note I don't call myself Liberal because these labels are simply not accurate.

For example: a Conservative is suppose to be fiscally responsible. The spending of G.W. and this Republican "Conservative" Congress is exactly opposite of responsible.