Wednesday, February 15, 2006

FL Politics: Rod Smith for Governor gains Momentum

For the last year Congressman Jim Davis has been the front runner in the race to be the next governor of the great state of Florida. He has been presented as the heir apparent to follow in the legacy of democratic governors like Bob Graham and “Walking” Lawton Chiles.

However in light of the current political climate in Washington and the popularity of the republican contenders, FL State Democrats must put forth a fighter, and someone that has a proven record of service. That is why I believe that Rod Smith should be the Democratic nominate and the next Governor of Florida. I have shaken hands both with Davis and Smith and looked them both square in the eye. I have also heard both men speak live on several occasions. I’ll some it up for you: both men are text book politicians.

Davis will tell you hat he thinks you want to hear and at least from his speeches he has a lack of substance. Davis is a U.S. Congressman. I personally am very concerned with the happenings in Washington D.C. Davis's lack of leadership in such matters as Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, and corruption is what has changed my support for his candidacy. Davis, a current member of Congress failed to even mentioned any of these items.

Smith in my opinion was the underdog but now after speaking a strong Democratic line and frankly remembering shaking my hand he has my vote and my support. We need a strong Democrat that will challenge the GOP.

Davis is running a Kerry-like campaign. A weak substance less campaign. I look at the Republican challengers: Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher. Crist is extremely popular, therefore it will take a campaign fighter like Rod Smith to beat him.

As a member of the Democratic Party, I personally hope that our party will not waist any opportunity to take back the State of Florida.

That is why Floridians must put forth a strong Democrat in Rod Smith for Governor of the great State of Florida. This is not an endorsement but a statement that Smith is looking to be a more viable candidate.

Rod Smith for Governor:

Jim Davis for Governor:


Anonymous said...

Anthony, I'm confused by your post. The title says that the Smith campaign is gaining momentum, but you dont explain in the post. Is the momentum your endorsement?

Anthony said...

I have updated my post.

Thank you.

Crewdem said...

I think you're right. The Rod Smith campaign has slowly been gaining ground on the Davis campaign. It won't be evident until the voters start paying attention.