Tuesday, March 21, 2006

America, led by the blind.

I believe in freedom of speech as stated in the U.S. Constitution so I hope no one will take offence to my calling many of fellow Americans dumb. I am disappointed in my fellow Americans for allowing our country to fall to such a pitiful state in world arena under the Presidency of G.W. Bush. We are a country of Americans not Republicans and Democrats. Enough is enough, unfortunately persons that share my perspective are not in power, until November 2006 all we can do is seat back and watch our great nation stumble. I urge you that are in power to act to remove Bush and his entire Administration from office today! There will be no change is current U.S. policy as citizens are demanding therefore there must be a change in government.

Gas prices continue to rise and you dumb folk trust the Oil Companies when they say the reason was due to Hurricanes Katrina and refiners closing for maintenance. This is bull shit, gas prices were on the rise way before Katrina and just this week in the City of Sarasota, Florida as the price of a barrel of Oil dropped $2.00 the price to consumers rose 10 cents. You folks are dumb.

Just this week President Bush said there is “progress in Iraq and the Iraqi people have chosen a road different than civil war“. Let me tell you something, the Golden Mosque that was recently blown up stood in Iraq there for thousands of years before we invaded this country. We were told we entering this War to find WMD’s and because Saddam was linked to 9/11. Saddam Hessian was contained and barely could produce food for his people because of our embargoes nether the less nuclear bombs. All of these claims use to sale the War to the American people like a media or political campaign were false and guess what? We are still in Iraq. We sent our young, loyal & brave troops into Iraq & Afghanistan when the real threat to the U.S. Homeland lies in Iran, North Korea, and Al-Queda. Al-Queda which is not a nation therefore it should be fought with the CIA, law enforcement, FBI, international cooperation not by attacking a country where they did not exist, and by our full military. In addition there are claims a powerful conservative organization called PNAC helped to fabricate justification for this War in Iraq. You folk are dumb.

We are draining our economy in Iraq & Afghanistan while Chine and Russia are moving their economies, work force, education and technology forward. China recently flew to the moon, the U.S.A. is not even cable of doing this until approximately 2020 as stated by NASA.. You folk are dumb.

President Bush who swore an oath to the Constitution says he can investigate U.S. citizens whom have suspected links to torpors without a warrant as required within the U.S. Constitution just as clear as a child can not pass elementary without first learning their ABC’s. The necessity for a court order warrant is a basic American principle. You folk are dumb.
Our people are being ripped off by various companies.
Government is abusing its powers on top of being negligent and incompetent.

America should be speaking up, calling for fairness in business and the Impeachment of not just President G.W. Bush but Vice President Dick Cheney, all Cabinet Secretaries and also vote out every single Republican & Democratic Congressperson that have not spoken out against these policies.


JasonSpalding said...
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JasonSpalding said...

China's economy isn't growing! I would be happy to send you a link if needed. Thankfully Americans do that which is best for us. Your blog requires energy and here in the real world 81.2% of electricity is derived from oil. Since oil is at the heart of our nation here is the U.S.A. we insure that our countries needs are met. Thankfully people here have been willing to serve our nation and its needs. War to insure a countries needs is nothing new. At least I live in a country that does that which must be done. This is done regardless of what other do or say. Also thanks for the conflict in the Balkans that allowed our nation to test some new of our new weapons. If people want the US to meet their nations needs start a war that is our nations interest.

Otherwise pick up a weapon and stand opposed <--- line from a few good men

Anthony said...

I would be happy to see the U.S. use other energy sources than Oil (Solar, ethanol, gas, wind). And to be freaking serious about it!!!!!!

China has one of the leading world’s economies. How many products does your family owned that was made in China. The U.S. has trade deficit with China. These are facts: dollars and cents that can’t disputed.

I work 40+ hours a week and pay my taxes. I want my money going to build the economy not fighting a fabricating War.

Point blank.

You stated that such we will wage War regardless of the opinions of other countries to assure that our energy needs are met.

Well I a tax paying U.S. citizens and I am standing firmly opposed to the current direction our country has been heading.

Bruce Larson*Moore said...

"Otherwise pick up a weapon and stand opposed <--- line from a few good men"

Is it not grand when someone makes your point for you with so few words and with such conviction, it is also of course sad, yet the reality is that blogs like "Checks & Balances" have taken up a weapon and are standing opposed, that the weapon is the Truth, is the very reason it will prevail over the Fear which those who create their personal, national and world views from the media, movies and all that which is supported in fear, for there is no truth to illusion, there is only delusion.

Itay theguyitay@gmail.com said...

Anthony you are so right. The price of Oil is politically based. It has very little to due with supply and demand.

For those not in the know use THE GAO as your source. www.gao.gov

And if you look at the history of the last 25 years.....Carter put the country on the 55 mph speed limit to SAVE/Conserve gasoline.

IF you want to really know the truth about gasoline....plot the oil supply in Millions of Barrels of OIL SHIPPED (WORLDWIDE) over the last 25 years vs. the price per barrel. YOU WILL SEE spikes at Political turmoil NOT demand or supply dips.

IN reality the oil supply has increased over the last 15 years. the only difference these days is the fact that CHINA has been buying more (+11% Annually) from the supply WE (the USA) usually purchases. In addition, the Venezulan supply has also been shorted to the USA due to the current presidency there NOT on good relations with the current PRESIDENT.

AND on the topic of G W. Bush, this man has actively lied (not a lie of ommission lie Clinton) about war, political opponents, and now it seems he actively is the LEAKER IN CHIEF, secretively.

At no point has this counry ever actively engaged in PROACTIVE war. We invaded Iraq and destabalized the region. The Iranian's response is only reasonable in response to your neighbor's troubles. Similarily....if your neighbor was a crack dealer you would want to buy a gun, or get some good protection if you could not move.

WE should be more concerend about North Korea.....their leader is dangerous. MUCH more dangerous than Saddam ever was. He ahs Nuclear Capacity and is able to bomb JAPAN, CHINA, and VIETNAM. WE ARE OBLIGED BY WWII PACT TO DEFEND JAPAN. IF CHINA GETS INVOLVED militarily...they certainly can overrun the north Koreans....but the WWIII would begin because this man KIM JUNG IL would use the NUCLEAR OPTION.

REB 84 said...

Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy

Why are we in Iraq? First we were told it was because Saddam had WMD and we could expect mushroom clouds over American cities if he were allowed to stay in power; then the goal was getting rid of a brutal dictator who gassed his own people and by the way has a "blood feud" with America; the latest rationale is that we are bringing democracy to a troubled part of the world.

The rad-con democracy domino theory is that Iraq will become a shining example of representative democracy in the Middle East that all its neighbors will desire to emulate. Yet, despite a couple of elections; this utopia seems further away than ever.

Meanwhile, back here in the USA, the Bush administration is quietly choking off funding to the primary organizations that are actually training Iraqis on how to set up and run democratic political parties, elections, and governments. Is this hypocrisy?

"The commitment to what the president of the United States will say every single day of the week is his number one priority in Iraq, when it's translated into action, looks very tiny," said Les Campbell, who runs programs in the Middle East for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, known as NDI.(see link to story in title) Apparently, there has been no response to these reports from the White House.

It appears that military and security spending is cutting back the only legitimate pro-democracy efforts America is conducting in Iraq. This is just the latest example of the Bush administration's failure to put the money where its mouth is. If we really want to know what politicians value, we need to find out what programs they fund and which they cut.


posted by REB 84 at 4/06/2006