Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Price of Gas: Part IV

Gasoline Prices - How Are Gasoline Prices Normally Calculated?

Crude Oil 49%
Federal/State/Local Taxes 26%
Refining 15%
Marketing/Distribution/Profits 10%


Crude Oil is the greatest factor in determining Gas Prices. So why when Crude Oil goes down a buck or $2 our prices at the pump contines to go up like .10 cent a week?

I believe its Greed & Corruption.

Even the Republican Attorney General of Florida is implying that price gouging may be in play.

As for Congress, let me tell you something. These Republicans in charge in Washington D.C have sold out the government and forgotten their trust to the people. This Corrupt Congress passed some crazy bill allowing for fines upon Oil Companies for price manipulation, but failed to define the terms for determining such manipulation. Come on!!!

Mr. G.W. Bush is simply absent.

Come November 2006 these folk are going to be greatly surprised. I predict the entire House will be overturned because of these gas prices not to mention a few dozen other things. This is a much greater political crisis than the Iraq War because it effects all Americans right in their bank accounts.

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Anthony said...

Crude Oil is the major Factor.
Taxes for example on Gas never increase. They are constant, there is no talk of suspending gas taxes, I will bet you my next pay check that even if taxes on gas are suspended that the price of gas will continue to increase and we the People will simply be given another excuse.

Do you remember that gas prices were going up before Hurricane Katrina but after it hit they said damage to refiners were the cause.

Now the CEO of Exxon is saying this all because of Supply & Demand.

It appears that yall folk that don't believe price manipulation is at play must have an agenda contrary to free markets.

An agenda based on greed & corruption.