Thursday, June 15, 2006

Daily Rant: Iraq, Iraq, Iraq!

Republicans have gone crazy. Democrats are asleep.

Republican Congresspersons support the War in Iraq based on the premise "they rather be fighting the War on Terror in Baghdad and not in the streets of New York. "

According to C&B the United States of America is spending too many tax payer dollars in Iraq & Afghanistan and not enough on domestic homeland needs.

How in the world can you couple spending in Iraq with Hurricane Katrina relief? These Republicans have gone crazy. And where are the Democrats?

If you were in Congress, couldn't you come up with countless common sense ways to help with these problems are nation is facing. I certianly could.

We have no leadership, just partisan politicians and corrupt incompetent politicians. ALL of Them!

I see one politician, Rep. Murtha screaming about this crap. This man has my respect.

Mr. G.W. Bush is either drinking on the job or has utterly sold out to the Oil Companies and the Military Industrial Complex.

Let me tell something; the lives of the people of the Middle East is worth no less than the quality of life of Americans. So how can we have the audacity to take a war to their streets?

The issue is Iraq, not the War ion Terror. Al-queda was not in Iraq before the U.S. military invaded. The terrorist are in Iraq because of America. It is fact that Saddam Hussein did not attack the United States. Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 nor were they producing terrorist.

The Bush Administration told us one thing, WMD’s to persuade the People to support a War in Iraq and now they are telling We the People many, many , many different justifications for continuing the War. This is America, we believe in Justice, so how just is it for our troops to remain in Iraq?

Mr. Bush and Republican politicians attempt to relate the War on Terror to Iraq. We all know this to be blatant misinformation. Iraq is a quagmire created by Mr. Bush and his incompetent administration.

Lets agree as seen with 9/11 there is a real ‘War on Terror‘. Why then are we not fighting this War? Why then are we diverting resources to Iraq? And even why has the full military of the United States of America been employed to fight a full scale War on Terror against sporadic Al-queda cells throughout multiple nations?

Hein sight is indicating that Iraq was a mistake diverting focus from the real ‘War on Terror’. A ‘War on Terror’ which does not call for the full American Armed Forces but which calls for targeted intelligence & law enforcement operations, along with international cooperation.

Personally as a voting tax paying American Florida born and raised, I strongly desire to see our wonderful nation, The United States of America withdraw completely from Iraq immediately.

All confidence having faded away with Mr. Bush, Congress has the POWER to do this by cutting the budget for the Iraq War.

Measure Tying Iraq to Terror War Passes House:


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