Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Iraq Soldiers Protest War

“Latest polls show a clear majority of Americans are now against the campaign in Iraq.

Some soldiers who have returned from Iraq are disillusioned by the experience. Inigo Gilmore reports from the US. (BBC)”

U.S. soldiers are trained to desensitize themselves from Iraq civilians. The soldier said the Iraqi civilians “aren’t people, they are animals”.

To be clear this solder was not talking about terrorist but ALL innocent Iraqi citizens.

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Anonymous said...

I think that this comment about the soldiers being trained to be "desensitized" from iraki people is not on target. I am a US citizen from overseas, was and remain opponent of the war. That the soldier uttered this comment reveals on the contrary a shameful lack of training. I did not serve in the military, but I suspect that the US soldiers simply do not understand the situation they are in. Consider the following parameters:
- it is a conflict between opponents and supporters of the former regime
-conflict between sunnis and shiites (and take for granted that no soldier has an idea of the difference)
-conflict between USA and resistant movements (either for: nationalistic or theological reasons or both -remember the second point between sunnis and shiites)
_conflict between resistant movements as such
-conflict between USA and international islamic fundamentalists (whose fighters are overwhelmingly sunnis) but who do not fight along nationalistic lines, but along theological conceptions on 12th century with 21st century means. look for the mistake.

conclusion: the officers need some intensive courses in Mid east sociology. And the USA is logicaly in such a situation forced to be against everyone -I believe the USA will have it worse than Vietnam and that it does not remember how to nation build...

Andy said...

Semantics... "Some soldiers who have returned from Iraq are disillusioned by the experience." I hate when things are characterized that way. "SOME" could mean one out of a thousand for all we know. When it is put that way it is certain that the pecentage is tiny, and nothing but a transparent attempt to comouflage that fact in order to lend weight to an otherwise untenable point of view. It could just as easily (and more honestly) be said that "most" soldiers who have returned from Iraq support what we are doing there!