Thursday, July 13, 2006

Several Republicans Oppose Voting Rights Act

We live in a nation where in at least in the South every city has distinctive black usually poorer neighborhoods.

With just this one fact how can these ‘Conservatives’ argue there is no longer a need for a strong Voting Rights Act. This act is the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Now let’s talk about Florida, probably the most progressive of the southern states. In my home town of Plant City the black neighborhood is ironically encircled by railroads tracks. Where in 2004 the Republican Party prevented eligible black votes from casting a ballot in Jacksonville. Where there are cities that hold strong to their evil racist history, where no minorities live.

These are still the facts of today.

Hell yes! The Voting Rights Act is not out dated, it must be reauthorized.

As free speaking American citizen I would like to respectively take this opportunity to call every Congressman that votes against or to waken this act a Racist.

More to come…..

(above caption: lets never forget Katrina)

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