Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Next President (s)

The Democratic Party has fallen into a routine of putting up weak candidates. I wonder if the leaders of the party in Florida and D.C. are being paid by the GOP to choose such candidates as John Kerry and Jim Davis.

Everyone in Florida could have told you Charlie Crist was going to beat Jim Davis from the start ,as member of the DEMS I am frustrated that we continue to waist our time & money on such campaigns.

Kerry & Davis were weak on the issues, that took stances on nothing, and did nothing significant in there time in Washington.

There are now 2 politicians that have records and statements on what they believe.

We need to run candidates like them.

Hilary R. Clinton and Barrack Obama.


Bruce Larson*Moore said...

If Ms. Clinton could be convinced to run with Obama as his VP, that would be a win win for that party, and could also set the dem's up for a long run in the White House if they did the right thing, by moving the world toward peace and not bow to much to corporate pressure, since the reality of the near future is to mold the planet into a sustainable business model, which means, be happy with the market share you have, and improve on the products to make the profits of peace work in your favor.

Bruce Larson*Moore said...


To save their party, the Democrats need to put a team together that will show the country and the world that they are united in the mission to unite this country and the world.

Their best bet right*now is the Obama, Clinton ticket.

With Barack as President, and Hillary as VP they have new direction, balanced with experience and two of the best placed individuals to serve their administration that the party has to offer.

Bill Clinton as Secretary of State and Al Gore as the nations top environmental representative and point man.

Starting in 2008, this group could conceivably control the White House for the next 16 to 32 years if they used their skills and experience to put the nation back on a course toward peace, prosperity and a sustainable reality.

The added benefit of being savvy enough to stay out of scandal ridden tabloid hell, having lived through it all, chould bring about a government that actually pays attention to the needs and will of its people and the world.

It’s time for the Democrats to break out of the old school mold, and stop acting like mushrooms keeping everyone and everything in the dark.

Be the Change the People want to See,


The Change and this chance will pass you by.

©Bruce Larson*Moore
The Last*War