Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bush Wants More Money for Iraq

Mr. President,

"Read my lips" No more money and no more troops for Iraq!

Please notice the word "for". Many people are discussing the fact that BILLIONS of Taxpayer dollars are being used "for" Iraqi citizens when it should be being used "for" the needs of U.S. citizens.

While the Republicans are whining and leaking their wounds after suffering a crushing political defeat the “do something” Democratic Congress are busy writing legislation that will hopefully end this War in Iraq this year.


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NPR Report of Bush's Plan:


joloco said...

I do not believe the Democrats can do much more than attempt to more fully lay this debacle at the feet of the President. I can only hope the American electorate will speak forcefully again in 2008 and rid us of this tragic time in American history.

Joseph R. Gruber said...

The Democrats can do much more. They can provide an alternative. All I hear from the Democrats is opposition to Bush no matter what his ideas are.

If the Democrats have such a better plan then let's hear what it is. And no, "let's pull out" is not a plan. What are the details?

Anthony said...

The Democrats have presented a plan, a phase redeployment of American troops out of Iraq. Rep. John Murtha has written bills on this.

All this talk about claiming the Democrats to not have an alternative plan is frankly baloney filled Republican talking points.

The fact is the plans presented by the Democrats is not what Bush supporters want to hear therefore are rejecting.

If bills presented by Democratic Representatives are not alternative plans than I don't know what else Republicans are looking for. Maybe a new President?

Joseph said...

A phased redeployment is the same thing as pulling out. What is the plan for Iraq? the region? peacekeepers on the ground? etc...

Just pulling out our troops -- a phased redeployment if you want to call it that -- is not a plan!

Anthony said...

Your interpretation of the meaning of a phased redeployment as "pulling out" is false.

The plan is to reduce the level of troops. The reality is that Iraq is now a USA ‘quasi’ colony or protectorate likes Afghanistan or how Japan once was. The green zone contains our military base will always be in Iraq for decades to come. Therefore an argument for a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops is not practical. The plan being presented by Democrats calls for a decrease in troop levels and those that remain would be used for specific operations but not involving in on-going and civil conflict.

Alternative plans advocate supporting Iraq financially. Every Democratic plan calls for continuing to fund the development of Iraq. Democratic believe we have a duty to rebuild the country of Iraq. Search post on this blog and you will see my stance is clear in regards to reconstruction efforts in Iraq.

Neither I nor leading plans presented by leaders like Rep. John Murtha are calling for a complete "pulling out" of our troops.

It is the Republicans that create policy that says one thing on paper but is full of hidden intentions that results in the death of American soldiers.

The bills proposed by John Murtha cannot be anymore clear and spot on where U.S. policy in Iraq needs to be, today.