Thursday, October 18, 2007

Random Thoughts: Budarin

  • W gave up alcohol and turned to faith. Now he is a faithoholic.
  • Treason is not failure to support the President. Treason is supporting the President above the Constitution.
  • I can point out my wife’s mistakes and love my wife. I can point out my country’s mistakes and love my country.
  • Moral absolutism makes one a sinner and a hypocrite.
  • You can’t make a foreign policy out of “kicking ass”. There are simply too many asses.
  • I am not a socialist. I am a social-regulation-ist.
  • Never base decisions on your “gut”, like W. Your “gut” is never as smart as your brain.
  • Abstinence is just another contraceptive.
  • Conservatism is defined by its inhumanity.
  • If God is loving and just and concerned for all our welfare, God is not a conservative.
Alex Budarin

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