Thursday, February 03, 2005

Why All the hype about Social Security?

This is in response to comments questioning opposition to Bush's effort to reform Social Security. First off I must say that this vision has the potential to be beneficial, and even supported if it were solely in the interest of the public good. That means beneficial to citizens in All income levels and with the option of not risking your guaranteed retirement in investments. Furthermore how dare we support a proposal that is sold to us as a crisis with urgency to act "Now" when approaches to changing such a crucial program should be thorough?

Social Security if managed correctly should be a Self Sustainable Program. In other words it should pay for itself, and if it doesn’t that is the fault of Congress and the President and we must hold them accountable for mismanaging our money, and we must oppose efforts to put our retirement in the hands of corporations. What logic is there in this especially with the current state of the stock market, and numerous white-collar scandals? Social Security IS NOT a social welfare program; Americans work hard to build this safety net. Please be real about this: Example #1) what significant investment can a single person with children making $20,000 a year contribute to an investment account? Bush’s WILL NOT benefit American citizens in lower to middle incomes. Furthermore ALL Americans already have the ability to invest for their retirement. Social Security is a safety net above this already present opportunity.

The collective plans of President Bush termed “Ownership Society” are not accounting for or giving due attention to crucial economic factors that effect all of us. Out of pocket expenses are increasing and at a rate higher than your income. Health Care is a major drain on individuals, families, and businesses. Health Care cost account for half of all bankruptcies. The president is linking all of his plans to work, but there has been a net loss of jobs and decrease in wages/salaries. And accessibility to good paying jobs as especially needed for these personal investment accounts are not accessible in all segments and cultural groups in our diverse nation. The increasing National deficit that Bush pledges to reduce in 5 years; Bush will not be president in 5 years, and he has been in office for 4 years already with no efforts to reduce to reduce the deficit. The Trade deficit.

It is the duty of our nation’s leader to keep partisan agendas away from such vital matters as our livelihood, and retirement. Conservatives, moderates, and liberals will unite on this issue for this our money, our hard work, and our retirement. I trust this in the hands of a government guarantee rather than a gamble with profit driven corporation.

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