Thursday, March 17, 2005

Random Rant #2: Precedence of War


I pose a question to you. Can the White House, Pentagon, and or the CIA be sued in the courts based on grounds that “the reason that the president gave us for going to war is unjustified and it's not the reason that the Congress gave him permission to go to war”. The goal would be to end the War in Iraq legally.

Let me also add, it is now proven that the proclamations of many from all parties that Neo-Cons and War hawks have taken over Washington are in fact true. My comments would be better directed at Republicans that still have common sense and decency. Paul Wolfowitz, architect for the War in Iraq has now been nominated to head the World Bank. Another War Hawk has been appointed UN ambassador. The Former National Security Advisor C. Rice is now Sec. of State. The Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld is still in office even after countless failures and mismanagement. The White House allowed in fake reporters and paid the media to promote its propaganda. Nothing that I’m saying is false; these are facts and I will stand behind them. What is President Bush posturing to do? Is the collapse of our economy imminent and he is assuring the rich will endure? The voice of the minority is being censored in the Senate. Why is Congress supporting measures stripping the American people of the very accessibility of the American dream? I don’t want these people running my country!

We’ve taken over Iraq; an OPEC nation. We’ve taken over Afghanistan; a link to the east (or excuse me pipeline), and now we will begin drilling for oil in piece of land that was once reserved. These things are no coincidences. Don’t have a short memory; add all the collective moves of our nation since George W. took office coupled with the Bush Family Busniess:Oil! We are now U.S.A.C.O.

And to all you progressive leaders who are unwilling to organize, and form powerful collaborative bodies because of some anti-establishment, unrealistic, abstract, freethinking ideology you’ll cause the demise of our movement.

And to you darn Republicans, Neo-Cons, liars, corporate crooks, “Conservatives” (not Christians) when true Americans take back our country I pray you will finally see the errors in your evil ideology. Exception can be made for those of you that are simply ignorant.

Isn’t there something sinister in these stances taken by Bush? This message is for my Christian friends: The Bible tells us to be weary of any world government, world church, and “to be watchful of false leaders that come in my name”. In addition it is my belief that a country with such a large economic gap between classes will not remain civil. Furthermore I also believe the color of Power is not black, white, nor brown but green.

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