Thursday, March 10, 2005

Random Rant: Letter to my Reps

I must say that I have serious concerns about your service as a representative of the people.

1) President Bush is proposing changes to the Social Security program that clearly are not in the best interest of the general public. Too many people are dependent on this program. Please in this matter support only measures that are in the right direction. Solvency....nothing else.

2) Congress has not passed an increase in the minimum wage, and it is presently making it more difficult for people to file bankruptcy. Why is this happening? And why aren’t my representatives (Katherine Harris, Bill Nelson, and Mel Martinez, George Bush, and Dick Cheney) doing their jobs? Are you aware of the recent study that shows that half of all bankruptcies are linked to Health Care expenses? With all the indicators and cries by American citizens wouldn't common sense tell you our leaders that the matter that needs attention is HealthCare Cost. All of these Republican policies benefit the rich, and corporations and simply neglect poor & working people. For what reason? The rich is already rich. Corporations are already making billions in profits. Does some idiot economic advisor still believe in Regan’s “trickle down effect”? My company just posted billions in profits and not a penny has trickled down to me. These policies are ashame. I work full time, and attend college and I’m poor. And with increased cost in all areas, low or no raises, things are not getting better.

3) President Bush's budget neglects domestic programs. Funding for programs for the poor, working poor, Public Health, Community Programs, City Security are being slashed. The deficit is skyrocketing and the cost of the Wars is far greater than I am willing to continue to pay. Furthermore as I look at our soldiers lost in Iraq & Afghanistan the disproportionate number of black & brown faces brings dismay, distrust, disgust. Where are your children? Bush in visions an "Ownership Society" that leaves out millions of Americans that lack the resources and some the aptitude to own homes, boats, insurance accounts, and investment accounts. It should be the priority of the government to continue programs, boaster educational financial assistance, and to promote policy to create & keep jobs here that give all Americans this opportunity to be "owners".

I truly now believe that you, our nation's leaders have broken your vow to the American people. Republicans especially and unfortunately even Democrats appear to have been bought out by special interest in big business, big money, and corporate America. I am highly disappointed and doubt I will be vote for any of you seeking further public service.

I do not support the direction this government is leading our nation. It is not right, it is not ethical, these policies fringe upon the very accessibility of acquiring the American dream.
Please do your job, and simply do what’s right for your constituents.

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