Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Passing of the Pope John Paul the Great

It is assuring to still see great institutions such as the Catholic Church and the United Nations that have efficiently resisted the influence of corrupt financial & media interest that see opportunity to turn a profit where simple justice, philanthropy, compassion, and generosity is needed.

May the Pope rest in peace. And my prayers go out for the Catholic Church as it seeks to select the worlds most prominent and powerful spiritual leader. This brief period of absence of a pontiff will without question bring heightened activities of evil intentions attempting to lay influence upon and within the Catholic Church.

Do we want America having weighted influence in these places (institutions like the Catholic Church and U.N.)? Hell No! The current U.S. leadership have not even adequately persevered the very values our nation, the great United States was founding upon. I speak of some very basic American principles that the Republican Party is aggressively seeking to erode. First our system of Checks and Balances where all three branches are vested with Constitutional Powers possessing the ability to keep each other in check, prevent against abuses of the majority party, and corrupt interest. Second is the idea of the American Dream. The Republican Party’s agenda to strip down the poor too middle classes’ financial assets, options, and stability while increasing government support of the rich fringes upon the very possibility of average citizens being able to attain this American Dream. Why do I say this? President Bush is in his second term and the economy has never rebounded. We have been under his policies for 5 years, and I believe its safe to say that a large part of our economic problems can be attributed to Republican policy. Tax cuts for the rich, wars that drain us of funds that are needed for domestic programs (like Medicaid), provisions of the Patriot Act, proposed reduction of benefits in Social Security, Bankruptcy and Tort Reforms all diminishing options for the little man, and corruption in government which is decreasing consumer confidence which is a prime indicator of economic recession/depression. What do I mean by corruption? For example, would you agree with me that a politician making a promise while campaigning but doing something different is a form of corruption? And do you remember President Bush saying during his campaign that he would Not privatize Social Security but this is now his biggest agenda item.

And during this time of empowerment of the religious right in the U.S. let me point out of concern for statements made by private citizens, religious leaders, and elected officials that it is neither Christian nor moral to wish anyone to “burn in Hell”. This desire should be directly in opposition to the calling of a Christian, which is to bring souls to Christ. And the duty of judgment and condemnation is also in the hands of God not man.

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