Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rep. Tom Delay's Fall from Power

A powerful leader of Congress has very possibly crossed the line of what is ethically acceptable for a leader of our great nation. Rep. Tom Delay (Majority Leader) from Texas is facing indictment for campaign finance violations. In reaction, House Republicans not only accept this disgraceful behavior but they have made effort to change rules requiring for any indicted leader to resign their post. Thus permitting a criminal to represent the citizens of the United Sates in such a critical role. Recent findings also reveal that Delay's wife and daughter were on his campaign payroll receiving $500,000 in payments over a few years.

Former Rep. J.C. Watts (R) calls Delay's tactics "the closet thing to a dictatorship he has ever seen in the House.”

Please raise awareness about House Majority Leader Tom Delay's ethics violations. Also contact your representative and let them know this type of behavior is simply not acceptable. I do believe with a little more pressure Tom Delay will have no choice but to resign this pivotal position of leadership and the responsibilities this post carries with it.

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