Monday, May 23, 2005

End the War in Iraq!

What About the Innocent Children?

“Why must we do to the people of Iraq, what Osama Bin Laden did to us?” Last week I saw another typical picture of a car bomb in Iraq. What disturbed me the most was the half dozen children standing around this recently exploded car. Can we not govern and bring order to this area as effectively as the Former Dictator Saddam Hussan? What we have done in Iraq is a shame. Bring our troops home, Now!

We do have a responsibility in Iraq. But at what cost of our continued mistakes. We are "fucking up terribly there.

We need an exit strategy that brings our troops home but still caries out our responsibility in Iraq. Maybe we should continue to provide financial support to efforts in Iraq and also support the U.N. to lead the efforts to form a Democratic Iraq.

I see this like you own a business and you have an employee that continues to make mistakes. You give them many chances, but they continue to mess up. At what point do you decide to let this employee go. When will the American people decide to separate ourselves from this disaster.

Also, on a personal note: I am Christian and we have a phrase we use in our churches referring to someone’s "blood being on your hands". As Americans how can WE sit back at let innocent people; children be killed. Their blood is on our hands

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