Monday, May 02, 2005

Official Proceedings to Impeach President George W. Bush

Republican President George W. Bush has destroyed the economic prosperity, deficit decreases, and the Social Security Surplus created by President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore.

And when President Bush says Democrats don’t have a plan for Social Security look at what Clinton did. Keep it simple, keep the program solvent, Social Security does not need to be complicated, corrupted nor put at risk in the private sector. I don’t even see how if Congress and the President are doing their jobs why this program is not self sustainable. Our country has $300 Billion for Wars that we are loosing and we can’t pay for Medicaid and Social Security! And why did we never have a gas problem with 8 years of Democratic President Clinton but now gas prices have doubled within one year of George Bush being reelected? How can we as Americans continue to allow for someone to lead us who out right lies. I saw Bush say last year that he did not want to privatize Social Security. Come on, something is wrong here. In addition this Government Led by Bush & Cheney wont even move to provide proper Health Care services for veterans and soldiers, do you believe they will do this for all Americans? Hell No. What are the Republicans doing with our money?

Who the heck says that Republicans are more fiscally responsible? That’s a bunch of B.S. Look at the facts: Bush has done nothing to address the national deficit. We're spending more on the Wars than on needed domestic programs. We can no longer afford the War on Terrorism because of the War in Iraq. In his first term Bush cut taxes for the rich, which reduced the amount of funds coming into the government. Now on April 29th 2005 Bush gave a press conference where he continued to push fiscally irresponsible Private Accounts and another tax cut for the rich.

I do think its time to begin an official process of impeaching our president, seriously.
If President Bush and Dick Cheney want to run our nation like a corporation, than so be it. Its time to change management.

Currently I know of 1 credible movement to remove President George W. Bush from office. Please let me know if you know of others. In my opinion impeachment efforts should be centralized. 100’s of fractured movements will make no progress.

Ramsey Clarke, Former U.S. Attorney General

Even if you are a talking in tongues, tobacco chewing Republican cowboy you must come to the realization that enough is enough, George Bush is not pursuing an agenda that is good for our nation. If you have to work for a living you must be concerned with the direction our nation is headed. Put aside what party you belong too and do what’s right for our nation and your family. How much more can you and your family afford of these fiscally irresponsible policies? Judge a man by his actions, not his words. Bush talks the good talk but look at the agenda he is pushing. That’s all I have to say; I need more coffee.

Please take the time to write a letter and mail it to your Senator telling them you do not have confidence in President George W. Bush and would support measures to impeach him.

You can find contact information on your Senator at: or by calling (202) 224-3121

or simply by mailing: Office of Senator (Name)
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

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patientswithouttime said...

YES IMPEACH BUSH! I say for all the overwhelming evidence in conspiracies against our people and country, this is just tomuch here going on to leave him in charge.

You know we sure talk a lot in America, but we never do anything. There is plenty of evidence to suggest conspiracies on our voting system that put Bush in America. There is plenty of evidence to suggest conspiracies, along with the LIES of Iraq. There is plenty of evidence to suggest conspiracies over 9-11. There is evidence to suggest conspiracies, on New Orleans, because in the USA it does not take the military 4-5 days to bring AID.

And it is a FACT that our Constitutional rights are being stripped away on a daily basis.

What I want to know is if, ONE most Americas realise the OATH a solider takes in the USA?

It is to defend the Constitution of the United States against ALL enemies FOREIGN and DOMESTIC.

Are we trying to say that we do not have enough evidence to try someone here in a court of law, or bring justice to our country against a Domestic enemy?

If you do not know this, then we better start waking up, because the evidence is overwhelming.

PEOPLE, it is time to WAKE UP, and take this country of ours back. Personally I'm tired of all the talk, Americans 150 years ago would of had more sense, taken up arms, and taken back their land from the CORRUPT man.

Does not anyone realise that America is a land:


My God when will we wakeup???