Thursday, June 30, 2005

It’s Time to Impeach

It’s Time to Impeach President Bush and Dick Cheney.
Hood winkled, Again!

On June 29, 2005 President Bush gave a TV address to the nation in regards to the War in Iraq. This address received the lowest viewer ship of his term. My analysis of this address is this: In my opinion this low viewer ship shows that the general population of the United States is far more united than some Republican strategist & leaders would have us to believe. This indicates a loss in trust and faith in President Bush and shows that citizens of the United States are no longer entertaining misinformation from this Administration. And when I speak of U.S. citizens I mean Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike. Thus Bush is more than a lame duck; he has lost the very credibility that comes with the presidency. The will of the American People is to End the War in Iraq, but President George W. Bush said (and read his lips) says “We Will Stay the Course”. A failed course is what we’ll stay on if we continue to follow Bush. Those that hold the Offices of President and Vice President are elected as servants of the people, not Kings, therefore they do not possess the luxury of the prerogative too abuse the powers of these Offices.

Could it be possible that the majority of Americans actually not DO NOT subscribe to this Neo-Con ideology?
This is the definition of neo-conservative (abbreviated as neo-con or neocon) is part of a U.S. based political movement rooted in liberal Cold War anticommunism and a backlash to the social liberation movements of the 1960s and 1970s. These liberals drifted toward conservatism: thus they are new (neo) conservatives. They favor an aggressive unilateral U.S. foreign policy. They generally believe that elites protect democracy from mob rule.

I wouldn’t be fair without giving the definition of liberal: a political movement associated with ideals of individual freedom, greater intellectual liberty, greater individual participation in government, that favors a political philosophy of progress, reforms and the protection of civil liberties. Liberals seek to change or eliminate what they consider flaws in society. Liberalism embraces the defense of individual liberty as the purpose of government and favors the right to dissent.

In light of the state of our economy, the continued misinformation provided by the White House, voting discrepancies in the elections of 2000 & 2004, the President and Vice President’s financial interest in the War on Terror, disregard for procedures of Justice in the detaining of foreigners, changes in monetary policy favoring corporations and the wealthy, a disregard to matters concerning the Will of the People, and the Downing Street Memo; I know without a doubt that WE, the American People have been HOOD WINKLED.

The Time is right, and ripe. Lets remove this unworthy duo from the People’s House, our White House. You may ask, who will take their place? There is a leader who will not sell out the people, who will not take advantage of their position to deceive and court generous groups like Churches, who will give to the people their right of oversight even if it does not favor them, and whom will truly represent the interest of All Americans and not a chosen few, special interest or corporate & financial institutions. I assure you this; this leader is neither George W. Bush nor Dick Cheney.

What the nation does next will be a Test of our Democracy. Will we simply settle for Bush & Cheney. America is worthy of better leadership. I pray those that support President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney will not continue to do so simply because they bare these titles of distinction. Nor because they call themselves Republicans. Nor because they call themselves Christians. Do not support President Bush & Dick Cheney because you are in the military or come from a military family. The President in only an Office, it is the People and the Constitution you protect. You are American before anything else and these men have desecrated the very beliefs in Freedom, Justice, Oversight by the People as stated in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence and they have darkened the honored we All once could claim in calling ourselves citizens of the United States of America.

Support these men only if you truly believe in their Neo Con ideology that has changed the character of America to a degree more extreme than 9/11. For your support of these men is causing a deep ideological but artificial schism within the population of the United States. I say artificial because the games that divide our nation were cleverly devised by politicians, strategist and special interest for their personal gain. But we as Americans do all believe in the same principles. This schism is moving back the clock of progress that has been made. This is not a matter of National Security but of American Democracy, Justice and Freedom. The United States is a fighting country, we were already poised and ready to react to an event such as 9/11 but even now we are perplexed & divided on how to react to a terrible President. However our system of Democracy gives us a clear solution in calling for the resignation of President George W. Bush & Dick Cheney and if they refuse let us unite and exercise our right to remove them from office.

How Can You Play Your Part?
1) Write and/or Call both Your Senators and your Representative and tell them how you feel about the State of our great nation, and tell them you would like to see Bush & Cheney step down.

2) Vote for All Democratic Candidates running for Congress in the 2006 Election. Why, Democrats controlling Congress will restore a balance of power.

3) Donate to organizations, Political Parties, candidates that have your best interest in mind. They do greatly need your support. Rather $1 to $1Million it would be appreciated and used in the fight to restore sound Checks & Balances within our government. Especially these groups: Afterdowningstreet.Org, Amnesty International, Checks & Balances Blog, the International Red Cross Moveon.Org, the NAACP, VotetoImpeach.Org, and the Democratic Party.

-Anthony Brooks
Checks & Balances

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