Wednesday, July 20, 2005

FBI Keeps Files on Average Americans

People say that there have been no violations in regards to the FBI’s and the Police’s usage of new provisions found within the Patriot Act. I strongly beg to differ. The FBI has confirmed that it is maintaining files on non-profit organizations. Organizations whose missions are purely Civic and Humanitarian.

Are they doing this because these organizations tend to be composed of Americans that possess a more liberal and compassionate social perspective? Unjustly targeting & profiling American citizens subjecting them to undue surveillance and in the end wasting tax payer dollars. What is the intent & motivation for keeping these files? We know that the White House uses unethical practices to push its agenda. Then can we assume that an arm of government working below the White House will follow this lead; I believe so. Could we assume that President Bush ordered the surveillance of certain non-profits and citizens simply because they disagree with his political philosophy?

This is what I believe and what I believe level headed Americans also believe A Russian phrase says “the Fish rots from the Head.” In other words corruption starts from the Top down.

Many of these groups you may be affiliated with (like the ACLU & Green peace), I wonder if the FBI has a file on you? Unfortunately with all the new provisions for secret operations we will never know.

Justice and Due Process are constant no matter the time: Peace or War. We must repeal all laws passed since 9/11 impeding on the rights of American citizens.

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