Monday, July 18, 2005

A Matter of Principle: WE Must Impeach President Bush

A Matter of Principle: WE Must Impeach President Bush

If Republicans continue to support unethical policies of President Bush like using the White House to leak the name of a CIA agent, jeopardizing our National Security, in retaliation towards a civil servant (Ambassador Joe Wilson and his wife) because he disagreed with them, I will be on firm ground to call them ALL traitors. President Thomas Jefferson would agree.

Yes, I agree but this call for Impeachment is on principle. Realistically, it is a long shot for the Democrats to retake the House of Representatives. But how can any of you simply sit back and allow for these unethical practices to occur in the White House without demanding accountability? If there is no accountability within the White House then there will be none in your state, on your job, in your neighborhood, in your home, and in your family.

The White House, (and now I speak collectively from the White House janitor to the President) have lied to and knowingly mislead the American people. Bush is not longer our President. This was his decision and many of us who truly believe in America and what we represent will push for his removal. Just today July 28, 2005 Bush changed his WORD on what he said he’d do in regards to those that leaked the name of a CIA agent. This is the President that claimed to restore integrity into the White House, and he also claims to be a Christian. This is not an isolated incident but a pattern that continues to worsen. This is not a question of Democrat or Republican but of Democracy.

If WE, the American People do not draw the line in the White House, with the President then what are saying? We are saying we truly do not believe in the values we expose, and even our families even our children do not adhere to any standard of ethics or values.

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Anthony said...

The More Bush White House covers up this scandal, changes their story, and attempt to suppress information the deeper they dig their own grave.

What a tangled web they have weaved. Now they are trapped in it.

This Issue Will Not Go Away.