Friday, July 29, 2005

Who Will Be President in 2008?

(Listed in Order of whom I analyze to be Most Qualified and also Leading the list of candidates whom have giving indication they are interested in seeking the Office of President of the United States. )

1) Hilary R. Clinton-D
2) John McCain-R
3) Condoleezza Rice-R
4) Rudy Giuliana-R
5) Joe Biden-D
6) George Pataki-R
7) Howard Dean-D
8) Newt Gingrich-R
9) John Edwards-D
10) Jeb Bush-R
11) John Kerry-D
12) Barrack Obama-D
13) Al Gore-D
14) Bill Frist-R
15) Russ Fiengold-D
16) Mark Warner-D
17) Bill Richardson-D
18) Tom Vilsack-D
19) Evan Bayh-D
20) George Allen-R
21) Mitt Romney-R
22) Wesley Clark

Honorable Mentions:
Colin Powell-R
Arnold Schwarzenegger-R
Dick Cheney-R
Jesse Jackson-D
Barbara Boxer-D

My Opinion: 2008 Politics will be dominated y 4 states: Californian, Texas, Florida, and New York. I am confident that I have compiled a nearly accurate listing of the contenders for the President, and can speak with a +/_ 4% margin of error that the next President of the U.S. is among this list of 27 names. As the race evolves I will continue to update my listing, adding qualifications and stances on the issues until there is only 1. This list does not account for the numerous other candidates that will compete through the primaries. These are the best of the best, only those qualified to Hold the Office are listed. As I cast my vote in 2008 one of my biggest concerns shall be the Integrity & Character of our next President. Having experience as a candidate myself I understand clearly that amongst the games of politics it is this that shall guide the decisions made in the Oval Office. In my opinion there are 4 persons that continue to show satisfactory Integrity & Character and that is Hilary Clinton, John McCain, Barbara Boxer and Colin Powell. These 4 people may all be too polarizing for the comfort of the American people but in a fantasy world void of Republicans and Democrats either of these citizens would be worthy of the greatest Office and call to Service of America.


Anonymous said...

John Kerry will be the next President.

ollie said...

I like your choice no. 1, at least. :-)

Anonymous said...

GWB will be president until 1/2009 unless he's impeached.

What about Gov. Schweitzer from Montana?

Anonymous said...

You're completely forgetting newcomer John Porter. (

Anthony said...

Thanks for your comments. I will research these additional candidates and consider them on my list the next time its updated.

Anthony said...

Originally Sen. Bill Frist was #14, however because of a back lash from the right because of his support for Stem Cell Research Frist’s presidential credibility will be greatly challenged. He is turning out to be a follower of the polls and a flip flopper to an extent greater than Former Dem. Presidential Candidate john Kerry.