Monday, August 29, 2005

A Call for Organization

“Focusing Civic Involvement Like a Laser Beam”

I would urge those of you Decent & Good Americans no matter your Political Affiliation to consider becoming active in supporting causes to correct a number of missteps the current leadership of our nation has made.

1) Preserving Social Security in its Current Form
2) Ending the Iraq War
3) Removing Karl Rove from his position within the White House
4) Holding President Bush and Dick Cheney Accountable through Investigation up too Impeachment for a plethora of allegations and possible crimes dealing with misinformation, corruption, observing international standards of Justice & human rights, and their financial interest in the War in Iraq, Afghanistan and the War on Terror.
5) Correcting Voting Discrepancies throughout the nation. Especially the matter of every county possessing an auditable voting system and the desire of voters to receive a receipt for their vote.
6) Labor & Jobs: job creation, job retention, employee wages & benefits, labor unions

These are simple, non-partisan, black and white matters paramount to the prosperity and integrity of our great nation. Republicans and Democrats surely should be able to meet in the in the middle on these matters.

Comments: Many Americans, especially those claiming to be “Conservative” ignore or fail to fathom the reality that an Administration such as G.W. Bush’s could destroy the economic & moral fabric of our nation in such a short time of 4 to 8 years. The above six objectives besides putting more Democrats and Independents into office are important. Frankly & strongly, on the issue of Social Security we cannot allow for this President and this Congress to lay their hands on this program. We live in times where our children are being born and raised in a nation led by a President whom has no regard for basic ethics and accountability. Who has no respect for religious beliefs other than his own. What effect will these 8 years have on the character of your child? Even little children see that their President G. W. Bush does not have their general best interest in mind; I pray these your children don’t see the same in you as you attempt to support men in G.W. Bush & Dick Cheney whom are void of character. Yes in deed the President of the United States of America possesses the power to destroy his own country.


Mike said...

Being a Canadian, I'm surprised at how the whole issue of the US national debt is left out of a lot of the political talk between the Republicans and the Democrats.

In 1993, the debt and the deficit spending were a big issue in the Canadian national election and led to oneo fo our 2 main national parties being wiped out.

How did the other party do it? Simple - They presented the debt and deficit in a way that it hit home to every Canadian. They took the debt at the time and went around advertising what each person's share of the federal debt was and how much it was going up every year. They then compared it to an average household and that regular citizens and even corporations could not survive long with that type of fiscal policy.

It worked so well that today governmnets at all levels are afraid of running deficits for fear that they will be tossed in the next election and Canada as a country has been the only one of the G7 to run federal surpluses for over 5 years now.

So it makes me wonder why in the US - where the Republicans always get at the Democrats as the "tax and spend" party - why the budget is not a major issue. But then again, that's an opinion from North of the border.

Carsen in Florida 59 said...

No question that this Administration is the worst governing in decades.

Bush is clearly in way over his head. However, where is congress? We are supposed to be a government of Checks and Balances. The Legislature and Judicial components of our present government have abrogated their responsibility.

Your comments and those of Bill Maher (Real Time - HBO) are refreshing. But we need our three branches to govern properly. We have only one functioning: the executive and I use the term loosely.

Fear dominates the American landscape. It will get worse before it gets better. This country will not elect a Dennis Kucinich or even a Howard Dean. The grassroots is paralyzed by the "politics of fear" so expertly spun by Karl Rove etc.

And "the beat goes on..." No one is challenging this destructive and immoral administration.

Carsen (