Monday, August 22, 2005

Do You Remember?

Do You Remember Abu Ghraib Prison?

Do You Remember G. W. Bush saying “I will not privatize Social Security“?

Do you Remember Bush saying “anyone involved in the CIA Leak will be dealt with“?

Do you Remember President Bush saying “Iraq is a growing and present danger”?

Do You Remember WMD in Iraq?

Do you Remember President Bush saying “Saddam tried to kill my father“?

Do you remember when gas was $1.00?

Do you know that the Bush Family gets its wealth from Oil?

Do you Remember Dick Cheney saying “the insurgency was in its last throws?

Do you know that Dick Cheney is a Former Halliburton Executive?

Do you know that Bush’s “Brain” Karl Rove leaked the name of a CIA Agent?

Do you know the Architect of the Iraq War Paul Wolfowitz now heads the World Bank?

Do you remember the integrity possessed by Colin Powell who was literally fired?

Do you remember having a feeling of Relief in knowing you earned Social Security in your Older Age?

Do you remember when our Religious Leaders kept politicians ( Bill Frist & Tom Delay) from manipulating our Churches, Synagogues, and Temples?

Do you remember when a Mother of a Fallen Soldier (Cindy Sheehan) could speak to the President without being Politically attacked?

Do You Remember America?


Anthony said...

Maybe I'm showing a little personal bias to say Powell has integrity. I do know this about him: he worked hard, rising up thru the Jr. ROTC to become our nation's Top General then Top Diplomat. He was the only one in the Administration that should an once of dissent. Now he is no longer our Sec. of State. I strongly believe he is a man of integrity.

Call me crazy, but I believe in things like "vibes" and getting a read on someone from eye contact and their hand shake. Powell passes this litmus test at least with me.

Paul Vincent said...

When did Bush ever say he wouldn't privatize social security?

Anthony said...

During the 2004 Presidential campaign. I will find the quote and link and post it sometime this week.

Or anyone else is welcome to post this information.


Paul Vincent said...

You may be confused because I know for a fact that he never said that. What he did say was:
"There's no social security trust fund" which is nowhere near the same thing you are trying to purport.