Monday, August 01, 2005

Reaction to John Bolton’s Recess Appointment

We the People, had all hoped to see President G.W. Bush nominate an American of character to the United Nations. A person that believes in international cooperation versus U.S. domination on matters of War, Peace, and Humanitarian Aid. To no surprise our President has let us down once again.

My message now is simple, and takes only a bit of common sense to understand. As seen with the War in Iraq, the United States demanding domination of the U.N. is setting ourselves up for failure. This is precisely what John Bolton seeks to do within the United Nations. It is fact the U.N. is the best forum for All countries, weak & powerful, to come together for the good of humanity.

America & the World is at War, and the last thing we need is an Ambassador to the U.N. that does have the confidence of the Senate and therefore he does not have the support of citizens of the United States of America.

The appointment of John Bolton is not a disputed issue between Republicans and Democrats, but it is another bad decision by President George W. Bush. This issue deals with our National Security, protecting our homes, our families and our children from Terrorist not pushing an ideological agenda. We need a different caliber of American to represent our nation and our people at the United Nations, than John Bolton.

President Bush through his policy and the people he has working for him, point blank is saying he is corrupt and does not give a damn about the repercussions of the abuses and unethical behavior that happen on his watch. He does not give a damn about the repercussions of the image he is portraying and its effect on our nation and on our children. He has appointed John Bolton who has been accused of intimidating and seeking to have fired government officials that disagreed with his ideas. Karl Rove is involved in the leaking of the name of a CIA agent working in counter terrorism because her husband Fmr. Ambassador Joe Wilson disagreed with administration assertions that Iraq was purchasing nuclear material from Africa.

Because of such moves by President Bush I predict the American people may be left with no choice but to expand the boundaries of our democracy and call for an untraditional, unconventional, and historic change within this specific Bush lead Executive Arm of our government. How do we make this call? We can revolt non-violently, we can push the democratic process via investigations and impeachment through Congress, we can organize a mass campaign consisting of petitions, TV Ads and other pressures towards a Bush/Cheney resignation. We can do the entire above, but we must do something!

President Bush will now have to expend needed political capital to counter the public's outcry to see 3 of his groupies FIRED: John Bolton, Karl Rove, and Paul Wolfowitz.

The Progressive, Liberal, and Democratic communities now must wage a political and ideological War with the Neo-Cons and Republicans. We must not waver on the following issues, ranked in order of how WE (citizens, activist, journalist, non-profits, political organizations) should allocate our resources.

1) Social Security
2) The War in Iraq
3) Karl Rove
4) John Bolton
5) President Bush’s Impeachment b) Dick Cheney’s Impeachment
6) Paul Wolfvfowitz

CNN Reports:

My Opinion: If we allow for such patterns of behavior to continue unchecked within our government, communities, and businesses America will become a breeding ground for liars, cheaters, and corruption. The next Sodom & Gomorra. And all this brought about by a proclaimed “conservative” President G.W. Bush embracing some form of Christianity not recognizable by God himself.

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I have an essay concerning the Bolton appointment on my blog as well.