Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Sen. Barbara Boxer Calls for Protest Against John Bolton

“Can't the Bush Administration ever admit they made a mistake?
On Monday, despite widespread opposition from Senators of both parties, as well as the American people, President Bush appointed John Bolton as UN Ambassador. By using the rarely utilized "recess appointment" while Congress is away over the month of August, the White House effectively thumbed its nose at the Senate, bypassing our Constitutional responsibility to "advise and consent" on such a nomination. It's yet one more example -- as if we haven't seen enough already -- of the absolute arrogance of power displayed by this President and his Administration over and over again.
Enough is enough.

Protest President Bush’s foolish decision to recess appoint john Bolton, e-mail and phone the White House today!

Despite his public pledge to run as a "uniter, not a divider," the President has never heeded his own call. Over the past few months, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings to determine whether or not John Bolton was fit to serve as UN Ambassador. In addition to learning from Bolton's subordinates that he bullied analysts in an effort to contort intelligence to his own ends, the White House stonewalled our request for critical documents to shed light on his activities at the State Department.

As a result, the Foreign Relations Committee, controlled by the President's own party, failed to vote Bolton's nomination out with a favorable recommendation. And the Senate refused to confirm him as well, with both Republicans and Democrats working to stop this terrible nomination from going forward. As if this weren't already enough, just this past week the State Department admitted that John Bolton did not tell the truth on a statement which he swore to the Senate was truthful -- an effort to hide the fact that Bolton himself had been questioned by the Inspector General about the false claim made by President Bush that Iraq tried to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger. Lying to Congress shouldn't be a reason to promote someone -- it should be grounds for dismissal.

Hold President Bush accountable for his poor judgment in appointing John Bolton, e-mail and call the White House now!

Sending an individual as controversial as John Bolton to be our representative to the world will only undermine our efforts to win friends and allies at this critical time. Surely President Bush could have done better than John Bolton. President Bush needs to know that the American people are watching. We will remember his continued effort to put politics ahead of the national interest -- to subvert the will of the American people and the Congress, including members of his own Republican Party.

Make no mistake, we will hold President Bush and his Republican Party accountable at the ballot box next November for their continued arrogance and poor judgment.

Make sure President Bush gets the message, loud and clear. Make your voice heard now!

In Friendship,
Barbara Boxer “

Senator Barbara Boxer Pac For Change

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