Monday, August 01, 2005

War On Terror: Body Count

War On Terror
Death Count
The Innocent: 29, 421

American/Ally Troops: 7615

Terrorist: (Unknown)
Total Killed in My Estimation Not Including Terrorist:
(This Number consists of Americans lost in 9/11, Emergency Workers, Contractors, U.S./Ally Troops, Iraq & Afghan Civilians. My estimation has no scientific accuracy.)
109, 290

Information compiled from the U.S. Department of Defense &


Paul said...

Good for you. I care about American troops as much as anyone, but it always bothers me that every American life is tallied and mourned in an American media that for the most part gives an impression of "Who cares, who's counting?" regarding the more numerous non American lives lost.

Anthony said...

Paul, Thanks for your comments.

As a Christian I believe that every life is of the same value. I don't see how especially my fellow Christians can continue to turn a cheek to innocent people being killed in the War on Terror. I don't give a damn if they are American, Christian, Muslim, Iraqi, Afghan. At least 100,000 Civilians (children) not soldiers have been killed.

Is it absurd to entertain what the Terrorist actually want? I heard the 2nd guy in charge of Al Queda speak on TV, and frankly what he was saying was not "crazy" or radical. However their means for accomplishing their goals are.

The Game said...

blowing yourself up in a bus or a subway is not crazy at all..

Why don't you just say that we are the terrorist and the Muslims are patriotic freedom fighters and get it over with

Anthony said...

Response to "The Game":

You are free to comment here but please keep it respectful or your remarks will be deleted.

Blowing yourself up is crazy. I did in deed say in my post that the "means" the terrorist use to accomplish their goals are crazy.

As for my political affiliation: I push ideas that are reasonable for all Americans. I could give a damn if you are Liberal, Moderate or Conservative. And I especially don’t give a damn if you a Democrat or Republican.

I am trained as apolitical scientist. But unlike many political strategist out there (like Karl Rove) I have integrity. Therefore I believe the American government can pursue policies that are good for all its people. The Republican & Democratic Parties cannot survive if the country is united. They must pursue agendas that divide the population. The goal of Checks & Balances is to play , (yes I know) a very very small & simple role in filling this gap.

Anonymous said...

Someone claiming to be a political moderate probably ought to think twice about linking their site to Few sites are more polarizing.

Anonymous said...

who cares about the terrorist death count they caused all this.

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