Friday, August 12, 2005

We Good Americans Need to Get Organized

Everyday as the state of our nation worsens I become increasingly upset. There is not one organization, one Party, or any politician speaking up for America.

Unfortunately, those that hold the Power within the United States have brought our country to a point where Republicans, Independents and Democrats may very well be forced to unite. You may think, “how in the World can this ever happen?”

I Know this:

When my friends and I walk on the beach all we see and smell are dead fish.

When I fill up my gas tank I use to pay $14 and now I’m paying $25 bucks.

When I hear George W. Bush speak all I hear are fumbling lies and him ignoring the cries of a mother who lost her son in Iraq for his War.

Enough is Enough. My backyard, my wallet, and the values of my country have been invaded by whom? Bush-likes, Republicans, Crazy Liberals, Neo-Cons. Someone is to blame.

Who ever is accountable? The nation has changed for the worse. I want a refund on my money and my Vote. And my friends and I want our beach back.


scorpiorising said...

what do you suggest?

Eaglecries said...

One thing I will agree with.

" We Good Americans Need to Get Organized"

the rest I can feel for you because the same thing is happening to many of us.

The thing I am confused by is that you do not offer even any suggestion on how or what needs to be done.

In the absense of that I will try to give you a suggestion.

We do need not only to organize, but we also need to unite in a demand that our country be returned back to us.

I will get yelled at by the thrird party believers and some on the extreme left for the following, but it should be said.

We need to each stop promoting our own speacial issue that we care the most about and get behind a general consensus of a platform for the Democratic party which can and will get people believeing that we really do care about the whole of America and not just about Roe versus Wade or Gun Control or The enviroment or what ever other issue happens to be our project of the week.

We need to go back to the base of the old Democratic party when we had a good solid front and unity. Then and only then will we be able to make any effective progress toward getting this mess undere control.

That does not mean that those of us who care about Roe versus Wade or about Gun Control etc should forget or forget and not fight for our beliefs in them. We can address all those things once we get control of one or both houses.

It simply means that we need to begin right now to demand and work to elect candidates who will not sell us out and who will pledge to support the Democratic Party when it comes to the main agenda and not be so damn eager to sell us out right along with the Republicans in favor of big business and corporate corruption.

So it may take time to eliminate the Republican lites and the Corporate whores from within our party, but that can be done and should be done after we get our party back in power and at least start returning some measure of this country back to the average Joe or Jane who are working their ass off to pay for this ride.

Until we do Organize and Unite and Demand Accountability we shall continue to suffer much of the samo samo.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should use some of the righties tricks..lets "out" the Bush Pioneers and Rangers...the big money..follow the money see how they got it..I would venture most of them got it the way DeLay, Abrahams, Taft, Jeb Bush..hell I know that Poppy Bush did illegal deeds and got away with it...Iran-Contra, money laundering..etc..would take awhile...but they all seem to think they are above the law, can do what ever they want...lie, cheat, steal, money-laundering, even murder....lets start outing them...the Blogs are gaining huge audiences

Anthony said...

In Response to "Scorpiorising"

He asked " what do you suggest"?

Honestly, I would like to lead an organization.
I have limited experience in positions of leadership. I do have integrity & passion. I’m contemplating launching my own group. Whether Non-Profit, PAC, Inc. Those details I don't know.

Hopefully thru this blog some folk will join me, and also contribute some fund$ to help develop this organization.

Yes, just to name a few I know of many groups out there doing their best. I am a member of MoveOn, on my County DEC, Fmr. President of the a local NAACP Chapter, and go to Church. But NONE of these organizations are truly serving the people of the United States.