Wednesday, October 05, 2005

America's Economic Adjustment

It is clear to me that at least the Democrats or those that hold more liberal ideologies would not to anything to jeopardize business and would have a pragmatic approach to the U.S. economy. These “liberals” seek a balance of opportunity that favors the worker over the rights of large businesses, corporations, and wealthy owners. However these leaders do not seek or intend to place the owners at a disadvantage. The Republicans however do seek to aggressively place themselves on the receiving end of the benefits. These aggressive measures such as the recent changes to the Tax Code, bankruptcy laws, and courts allowing corporations to renege on employee agreements such as earned pensions. These measures literally enable greedy businesses to suck the blood out of the United States' economy.

The monetary bowl within the United Sates is finite, especially today as our Economy has not seen a major expansion in over 6 Years. As one industry artificially inflates its prices to the consumer, money is siphoned from other industries. This act of ‘price ripping off’ mixed with the political & white collar crime/corruption led by the current Republican controlled Government renders Natural Economic Factors useless in being able to keep our Economy in balance. No wonder FED Chair Allan Green Span has retired. In other words as one Industry increases its Profit Margins by Artificially Raising its Prices, meaning their actually cost to Produce this Product has not increased; the price paid has been excessively set above its actual cost o production. Specific Industries engaging in these acts are: the Oil Industry, Health Care, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, and Military & Securities Companies. This act leads to profits being taking from another Industry either through direct business loss or indirectly thru increased cost of production (Ex: the Automobile Industry, Airlines). In essence causing a devastating negative economic prosperity busting domino down effect. In addition as Consumers pay more for these products, but when their income is not increasing this correlates to businesses outside of these criminal ‘rip off industries’ loosing costumers and money.

Money is money my friends. A message to the Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Stock Holders I ask you a very sincere question. Why do you continue to support certain leaders & measures within our government which are employing Government Policy, Institutions, Laws and abusing their positions of Power to influence our Free Market to benefit themselves and their colleagues? I strongly believe this insertion of political influence is having a detrimental affect on your livelihood, and since you are the employers my livelihood. Political Influence upon a Free Market kills fair competition, and thus true Capitalism. I urge you to oppose and speak out against such practices before the business you own will soon be rendered worthless.

Now, speaking of worthless, there is a sleeping dragon resting at the foundation of the American Economy. Debt, Loans, and the National deficit. When this Dragon wakes not even the elites like the Bush Family will have any recourse.

The U.S. Economy must be put in balance now, today. The Government Budget Balanced, Corruption eliminated, White Collar and Political Criminals put in prison. If such efforts are not pursued then I predict We the great United States of America are in store for a abrupt Economic Adjustment forced by Economic Principles of Supply & Demand, a Finite Monetary Bowl and this sleeping dragon of Countries calling in & requesting payment on their debts & loans. How can the United States claim to be the World’s Greatest Super Power when not only its citizens but the very Government is in debt?

Who will benefit then from this Readjustment? Not America but Countries like China & France that have applied practical approaches to economics, protected their trade industries, and especially their workers.

We must also discuss the current trend within the U.S. to protect the Corporation & its Rights versus that of the Worker. I give you this visualization and I pray the following idea is not to fuzzy for Black & White Conservative Thinkers to grasp. What is the basic unit forming the foundation of American Society? Isn't it the Family Unit, and it is the worker that seeks to provide for this unit. It therefore is only logical, practical, and economical that Society, Business Standards, and Government Policy should always put the Right of the Individual Worker ahead of the Corporation. To assure for their prosperity, and financial stability. It is this worker and this Family Unit that shall return the uncorrupted benefits back to its community & their nation.

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