Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Discussion of Alternative Energy is Rising

People across economic spectrums are discussing a shift from an Oil based economy to one of more energy diversification. The Alternative Energy Methods that could become realties within the next decade include Hybrid Cars and Solar/Bio Homes. Such energy efficient technologies are already in limited use and are becoming ever more affordable. In the long run these Technologies will save you money.

Recent Polls show a drop in consumer support of Oil Companies to approximately 20%. This drop in support will result in changes in behavior of energy use and spending by consumers.

U.S. Dept. of Energy:

Energy Efficient Homes:

Fuel Efficient Cars:

My Opinion: In my opinion the ultimate goal for where at least the United States should move in regards in regards to Energy must focus on energy efficiency in addition to saving money for the America Government, the Private Sector, and the Consumer. But most important the implementation of such changes and uses of available technologies should be aimed at creating energy independence for families. More specifically every family should live in a home partially powered by some form of alternative energy (Solar) and own a more gas efficient (“hybrid”) automobile. In light of current government policy neglected to take care of its citizens as seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Oil Companies attempting to rip off the average citizens through artificially inflated gasoline prices it would only be practical for America to move towards these more efficient and individually independent energy sources. It would be a great benefit if those in the Industries of Building Solar Panels and Energy Efficient Homes would make their products more affordable to the consumer. If this occurs these technologies could become the standard.

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