Thursday, October 06, 2005

Republicans Continue to Neglect Victims of Katrina

The President and Congress are making another of countless mistake in responding to the Hurricane Katrina Aftermath. The President has proposed cuts in Social Programs to pay for New Orleans Reconstruction. Programs that so many of these people depend on. This approach has no sense, and no logic. I speak specially of not Welfare Hand-Out programs but earned benefits for citizens like the Prescription Drug Benefit for Seniors, Medicaid, and Medicare. Bureaucracy such as increased paper work is also making it difficult for victims to apply for and be granted assistance. In addition, Insurance Companies are making it difficult for residents to be compensating because of technicalities.

There is also discussion by prominent republicans to not rebuild communities like the 9th Ward of New Orleans where the mostly African Americans own homes. There however is no discussion on not rebuilding the white communities. Please remember these people owned their homes just like in the richer communities of New Orleans. This land is not Government Owned Projects, it is a historic community whose residents desire to rebuild. This decision is in the hands of the residents of this community, no one else.

I know the right Budget items to cut are not Social Programs which have already been cut every year under G.W. Bush, but these following programs that cost more than all Social Programs combined should be cut if not completed eliminated: The War in Iraq, the Energy Bill and its Corporate incentives & subsidies, and the Transportation Bill along with its Pork Barrel Amendments, and Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. Cuts in these areas are simply the right & practical thing to do. All of these areas have waste, inefficiencies, and are luxuries.

President G.W. Bush and the Republican controlled Congress are Dead Wrong in their approaches to funding the response to Hurricane Katrina. And I ask this question, why wasn’t the money for such a disasters already set aside?

Corruption at FEMA/CNN Reports:

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