Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Budget II: Damn Republicans!

Those damn Republicans instead of decreasing funding from the Department of Defense, the Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, the pork within the Highway Bill, and incentives to Oil companies found in the Energy Bill are cutting Billions from Education.

There is a myth that the United States Government spends to much money on Social Programs like Welfare, and Food Stamps. This is outright false.

Let me break this Down for You:

Spending on Defense & Security = $533 Billion Dollars
Spending on Health, Education, Labor = $141 Billion
Spending for Veterans, Housing & Urban Development = $90 Billion

And to fund efforts to rebuild regions affected by Hurricane Katrina the Republicans don’t look to cutting from Defense but plan on spending more money that we do not have. Call this fiscally responsible? Hell no! It’s Reckless.

The needs of American soldieries, American Veterans, American children & families, American workers are being neglected. Politicians are elected to serve.A specific example of their dereliction of their duty to the People: Republicans are proposing cutting $15 Billion from Education, leaving Veteran Hospitals $1 Billion in the red, and $50 Billion from Social Programs needed for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Money that should have already been in place.

The Dept. of Homeland Security which is funded Billions of your Tax Dollars was created by Bush under his watch but I failed to prepare the nation for a natural disaster.

On Labor, American jobs are being taking by illegal aliens and outsourced to India while at the same time the United States is falling behind other nations in the education & training of its work force.

On Education President Bush said we need to send more people to school and that we would “leave no child behind”. However these budgets cuts seek to do just that in decreasing financial assistance, therefore many poor but bright young people will not even have the opportunity to go to school.

Republicans are even turning their back on funding social programs for Churches which provide vital support to local communities.

I am tired of hearing those of you that blindly support President Bush. Common sense should tell even the strongest Conservative (whom claim to be fiscally responsible) that policies and priorities of the current Administration need to change.

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Anthony said...

The G.W Administration has made all these requirements for higher test scores, but without adequate funding to local schools to accomplish these goals. Unfunded Mndates.

Personally I graduated with over a 4.0, was class president, track captain etc....but would I never have been able to afford College without financial assistance. Millions of poor kids go to school daily conscience of this. For many kids this idea of working hard in school and earning a scholarship and financial aid is the only way out. Unfortunately this opportunity is being taking away from millions of young people. Is this too much to ask. For the government to fully and generously fund Financial Assistance programs?

I believe that every student that is qualified should have every opportunity as the student from a family that can afford to send them to school. The Republicans cut funding for financial aid every year. Do these rich Republicans simply not understand this necessity for a bright kid from a poor family?

So, unfortunate for those kids that should be in school in the United States of America.