Monday, November 14, 2005

A Lack of Leadership

I have spent much time on Checks & Balances condemning Republican policy and promoting Democrats. Now in November 2005 the United States finds itself at a moment where we must shed our political affiliations and have a frank discussion on certain matters.

I also ask you this: is your political interest and your side winning so crucial that Integrity, Character and Truthfulness are no longer important, and God forbid, necessary?

Issues where there is a lack of leadership within the United States:

  • The economy
  • Profiteering by Corporations and Politicians
  • Corruption
  • Poor approval of the Government
  • An economically stretched population
  • Uncommon natural disasters raising the issue of global warming
  • Energy Independence, and alternative energy technologies
  • Poverty
  • The Voting System
  • The Patriot Acts
  • The War in Iraq
  • Monetary & tax policies regarding corporations, & the wealthy versus the worker & Consumer
We are behind other Nations in:

  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Work Force Training
  • Trade
These are not Republican nor Democratic issues, they are only American. They deal with the economic power & stability, international influence, and constitutional integrity of America. As I look at recent trends it tells me that millions of children are being left behind in our schools, citizens are more indebted to bill collectors than to their families, and American workers are loosing out to illegal aliens in addition to their jobs being outsourced to India. Issues dealing with the Right to Life and the Right to Privacy which are the focus of current political energies are irrelevant while those things that truly are important to the strength of our nation and people are tumbling down.

Where is the leadership on these matters?

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Bruce Larson*Moore said...

The simple reason there is a lack of leadership in these areas, is persons of power have been elected, instead of persons of leadership, persons of power are being hired, instead of persons of leadership, persons of power are looked up to, instead of persons of leadership, persons of power control what is seen and heard, instead of persons of leadership. Each must look to one self for the leadership and power to change this situation.