Monday, December 12, 2005

Oppose Samuel Alito

The policies, lack of action & leadership of the current Republican led Government is not benefiting you and your family. My friends our current Government in the President, the Senate and the House or Representatives are controlled by the Republican Party. It seems that a call for change today, has merit. There must be a balance of ideologies running our nation.

Opposition to Samuel Alito is necessary to preserve the Right of Privacy. As seen with the tragic life of Teri Schaivo and the intervention of Republican politicians into this private family matter they will go to the farthest lengths to push their warped ideological agenda. As far as placing someone on the Supreme Court that will ignore this Right to Privacy in order to dismantle a women’s right to choose an abortion.In addition, Mr. Alito will render judgments that side with Corporations. In light of the state of our economic where business slash agreed upon Pension Plans, I will be damned if we need a Supreme Court Justice that is in their pocket.

Furthermore it is in my humble opinion that allegations of corruption on the part of G.W. Bush & his ‘Administrators’ leaves America to discuss not approving another Supreme Court nominee and frankly leaving this seat vacant until the next President fills it. The Senate can and must consider this option, it being a life-time appointment. President in G.W. Bush whose approval, trust, integrity, and competents is in deep question cannot appoint someone that will determine the pillar of American Justice for decades to come.

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