Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The President is Not Above the Law

“The Beginning of the End to the Bush Administration”

Warrant less domestic surveillance authorized by President George W. Bush conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA) may be in violation of the U.S. Constitution. These violations such as wire taps on U.S. citizens also show a disregard for civil liberties and the Right for Privacy.

Supporters of the President state that President G.W. Bush was simply doing his duty to protect the American public. Supporters also state that there is no evidence that abuses on and subsequent action upon U.S. citizens and organizations have occurred.

In my opinion these denials of guilt do not hold water. Why not? First think on this philosophy by a former president and general the Honorable Dwight Eisenhower: “we must not trade honor, for security.” Are we going to sacrifice our strongly held American values of freedom and civil liberties in the name of security? Hell No, it is the job of the President to provide for our security within the parameters of established law without abandoning the freedoms he was elected to preserve.

Secondly, knowledge of abuses on U.S. citizens do not come forth because these activities are done in secret.

Much faith is lost in G.W. Bush as I observe him speak and he appears to be almost disgusted with leaks of information and news agencies that report on such activities. How can our President continue to do his job if he sincerely believes that he can authorize and direct U.S. Government Agencies in secret according to no law, and at the very least subject to Congressional oversight. A belief held on the premise that War Powers grant the President such authorities. This assertion is clearly false because provisions within the Courts explicitly set law during War. The President simply does not possess the authority nor legal right to circumvent establish law even during War.

It is in my opinion that he cannot contine to do his job, and in these admitted 30 different authorizations by G.W. Bush to circumvent established Law in using the Courts to administer surveillance warrants specifically against U.S. citizens. There are, in these actions, do justification to remove President G.W. Bush from the Office of President of the United States of America.

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Anonymous said...

President Bush in 2002 signed an order allowing NSA to spy on US Citizens. This action was a flagrant violation of the US Constitution, the highest law of our great country. By doing so, he also violated his oath of office. No President is above the law. I urge you to impeach this criminal, and his cronies, from the White House.

Anthony said...

Its the Responsibility of you so called "Conservatives" to Impeach President G.W. Bush.

You hold the majority in Congress.

Due Process, Warrants are basic principles found within the Constitution. The President, not even during times of War has the authority to circumvent the Courts. No President ever has the authority to ignore Constitutional Rights of American citizens.

Let me tell you something, although I disagree 90% with Republicans yall once did at least have integrity. I don't know what your party represents now except misinformation and the rich.

Republicans of old showed integrity with Nixon. Now what the heck are you folk gonna do about G.W. Bush?

Bruce Larson*Moore said...


To impeach the Bush, rather than letting it Burn and flame out, would be giving the S.O.S. as in S.ame O.ld S.hit signal to all of the agenda base global system, understand this, that removal of a head of state, a CEO or any type of figure head is a construct of agenda, which is designed to point nearly all the blame on that individual, this allows things to go on pretty much as usual. It is the most simple type of deception used over and over to keep the sheep blind to the real motives of those who use ego as their power base.


Think about it, is that what one truly wants, after being awakened to the reality of how inadequate the system is.

It may not be easy, but allowing the failure to almost completely run its course will drive the change to a much better and perhaps a sooner outcome. This is the nature of collapse, and its companion, corruption, it will of course scramble to seem like it is the savior and try to show it is doing what is right and best for all, the important thing, is to stay awake, for when the time is right, their fading, inadequate belches of hot air will be no match for the strength and power of the numbers who see the light.

If you build it, they will come.



Love*Rulz - @

Anthony said...

Yeah, I heard many people say we should not Impeach G.W. Bush because:

1) after he is out of office voters will not place politicians like him back in office.

2) Its to difficult: proving evidence and Congress is controlled by Republicans.

3) because Dick Cheney would become President

Some of my Democratic friends even want for Bush and this crazy Republican agenda to fail, making them the clear alternative.

I must disagree out of fear of what cost these continued failures will be to our country. Out of fear of what these corrupt politicians would do to save their assess.

Cause a Bird Flu Pandemic? I wouldn't put it over them.

And I disagree out of Principle. G.W. Bush is not fit to hold the Office of President of the United States of America.

Anthony said...

I hear too many folk placing stubborn partisanship before your country.

The Constitution and its principles stand always. These principles should never be brushed aside even during War. The President of the United States is not simply Commander in Chief but Head of State which duties do not cease during times of War.

Give me a gun and I'll provide security for my own home, but don't walk over my civil liberties especially in secret without oversight or authorization by Congress. When the hell did Americans start believing its ok to give up our freedoms out of fear of terrorist?

Due Process, Habeus Corpus are Rights of All U.S. Citizens at all times. With No exception.

A Former President and General D. Eisenhower would disagree with the current Radical Republican (RR) strategy; he said " “we must not trade honor, for security.”

P.S.-There are other issues that come to mind: what defines" links to terrorist"?

And what role does Data-mining and Telecommunications Co. have in this scandal?