Monday, December 05, 2005

What is G.W. Bush Doing?

President Bush created the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees natural dissipaters. This new Department funded by Billions in Tax Dollars did not work as seen with Hurricane Katrina. Even now months after Katrina this government has not properly served the victims of this disaster. In addition, the 9/11 Commission has reported the U.S. has failed to prepare the nation for another Terrorist attack. So I ask, what is the use for the Dept. of Homeland Security? I propose eliminating this Department and reallocating this money to local communities to improve infrastructure that will create jobs and add to security. Example: improving Transportation that will help in evacuations.

President Bush took us to War in Iraq. His justifications are false, and we are failing in the War.

GM, one of America’s largest employers is cutting 1/3 of its jobs.

Natural Disasters, Wars, maintaining the Economy. These are the things Americans put in the care & trust of their President. And I do not use the word “trust” lightly. What is Bush Doing? When the President/CEO of a company fails they are Fired.

What happens when the president of a country fails. What recourse do WE the People have? Impeachment, Forced Resignation, Protest & Civil Disobedience, a Trial for deliberately misleading & misinforming the People, a Revolt?

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9/11 Commission Report:


Bruce Larson*Moore said...

He and his buds are making a profit, its the American Way, what can one do ??

STOP - Paying.

Put the choice of "Tax*Revolt" in that list and the whole system will shift in less than a heart beat.

Put the choice of "Shopping*Revolt in that list and the whole system will shift in a nano second.

Americans had better get off their collective couchs and stop paying if they really want to make change, after all how much more stuff do you need, there is more rented storage capacity in this country than there is affordable housing, get real.


Bruce Larson*Moore said...

P.S. Remember the Tea*Party ??? time for another.