Thursday, January 19, 2006

Alito: Its not over, till its over.

Let me first say that Alito has not been confirm to the Supreme Court, he is still only a nominee.

This week during the questioning of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito I heard U.S. Senators say things that there were saying the complete opposite a year ago.

Senator Lindsay Graham, one of the strongest proponents for measures strengthening protecting national security while putting concerns of rights of privacy and civil liberties aside. Sen. Graham said Alito should not be guilty by association, specifically the association of being a member of a highly questionable racist & sexist group called CAP. This is contrary to previous comments by Graham, in addition to being contrary to the Bush Administration’s stance and the position of the U.S. Justice Department on the matter of united states citizens and their alleged links to terrorist. I know first hand, that us citizen have and are being deemed guilty by association. As a Former Student Leader at the University of South FL I know of Professor Sami Al-arain, a u.s. citizen who was arrested, lost his job, and was jailed for years before he was acquitted of all charges of links to terrorism. I know this case specifically because Al-Airna is now a former professor of the University I attend and the City of Tampa which I reside. Comments by Bush Administration officials and supporters that these things do not happen to U.S. citizens is simply false. Just recently Jose Pedlli, a U.S. citizen accused of being linked to terrorist has been moved from military to civilian custody in Miami, FL.

The NSA is investigating U.S. citizens who receive communications from foreigners supposedly with links to terrorist. Consequently the Bush Administration is being sued by ACLU and other groups.Through thier acions the Bush Administration is acting without oversight of the courts or Congress. The White House has also have failed to present a clear & legal definition of “links to terrorism”.

I strongly disagree with graham and these practices. It is vividly clear that Samuel Alito is guilty by his political associations rendering him unfit to serve as a Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the case of Rep. Tom Delay, the initial judge assigned to his case was dismissed for his political affiliations.Is there a separate standard of ethics for Republicans? Is there a separate litmus test for Republicans?

Is this corrupt hypocrisy within a Justice Department under the watch of Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez?

We must also discuss established law. Opposition to Alito's nomination is rationally in context of the President appointing him, G.W. Bush. You see Bush has a clear stance that in light of 9/11 established laws like utilizing FISA Courts to obtain warrants to secretly investigate U.S. citizens does not have to be followed. Bush also believes that during War times the president has far reaching powers that do not need oversight by the courts or Congress giving the president authority to circumvent established laws. How is this arrangement even conceivable within the Unites States of America, a land of laws?

G.W. Bush is attempting to rebuild the nation of Iraq based upon law while simultaneously pissing on U.S. Constitution.

A Constitution that does not give the president the power to create law or policy that circumvent establish laws even during war times. We cannot tolerate a Supreme Court Justice that supports such unaccountible presidential powers. If Congress will not keep the President in check then this responsibility falls with the Supreme Court. The founders of our country created checks and balances within our government, a 3 branch system to prevent the rise of such a powerful president, to prevent a king. It would be in teh interest of the American people to honor this historic heritage and stop any such agenda.

Some have argued that Samuel Alito supports such views and possesses an ideology that aspires to create a ‘unilateral presidency’. He believes that law stems from the one man, thePresident and not the People. I have read the Constitution, it is clear the power to create law lies solely with the People via Congress. The President is to execute such laws, faithfully.

In light of this current culture of corruption within Washington D.C. what can we as American expect from our leaders? Unlike term limited Congressmen, Judges serve for life. This is why these nomination to the Supreme Court is so crucial. There is also the reality that other Justices may retire during G.W. Bush's term. Therefore this is a seat that should be forfeited so easily.

Alito by his affiliations is unfit to serve. Furthermore his inability to remember being a member of this racist/sexist organization (credentials he placed on an application to work within the United States government years ago) shows he simply does not possess the honesty nor integrity to be a judge on the U.S. Supreme Court.

We, as citizens of the United States of America cannot tolerate the pollution our highest court with Justices appointed by a corrupt President and Justices like Samuel Alito whom possessed poor judgment 20 years ago in joining CAP. An error in judgement which is indicative of poor judgments he will render for you, your, your job, your children, and our nation for decades to come.

I pray our Senators will brush aside their partisanship and outright reject Alito, and demand nomination of a Justice of temperance, moderation and integrity.

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My Opinion: Let me say I call them like I see them and I believe in intuition. From hearing the Alito hearings he place a lot of emphasis on cases where he sided with minorities (African Americans) in discrimination and employment cases. This immediately threw up red flags with me. If someone is innocent they don’t even contemplate saying things to cover their ass. Alito made numerous statements about such rulings. No wonder Civil Rights groups are opposing him so vehemently. If you’re black or Hispanic you better write your Congressman and oppose Alito today before they vote!. Don’t forget Katrina & New Orleans. If Alito was a biggot 20years ago, he still is. His wife ran out of the Senate chambers crying because her husbands true colors were shown. Opposed this man. All of these pundits on TV saying the confirmation is over are the same pundits that called elections wrong in 2000 & 2004, and messed up reporting about those dead miners in W. Virginia. They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. The Alito confirmation is not over. This man cannot be allowed to serve on the Supreme Court.

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