Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lame Duck President

G. W. Bush became a Lame Duck President approximately 140 Days after being elected to his second term. This is fastest dissention from power ever recorded in U.S. history.

The date was precisely May 1, 2005; the day the White House ended its campaign pushing for Social Security reforms. G.W. Bush proclaimed he had political capital to spend, which he wasted on these reforms. All other initiatives after this date were founded on failure. Wasted political capital and a dissention from power triggered because of a loss of faith in President George W. Bush and his Administrators because this attempt to dismantle Social Security which was void of public input and collaboration with Democratic leaders. The gamble of tampering with this 3rd rail of politics was miscalculated, resulting in a plan of failure depicting an utter lack of compassion for Americans whom depend on and worked hard for their Social Security retirement payments. A plan for reforms that showed absolute incompetents in fixing this entitlement program so that it could continue to work. Instead of attempting to fix Social Security, Bush presented ideas aimed at eliminating the program altogether sending millions of seniors (whom paid into this retirement safety net) and crippled in the streets. When it comes to a person’s money, Republican & Democrat doesn’t mean a damn thing. This is precisely why the public has lost faith in the president and his agenda. Let me be clear, there were several additional financial initiatives by this president that raised the eye brows and cause even those that voted for Bush to wonder a little bit. Social Security only proved that Bush’s intentions were truly to push reforms that benefited a very small elite class of Americans. This agenda however is not what Americans, the playing field can be level for all players.

In addition there were changes to the Tax Code, Tort Reforms, changes to bankruptcy policy, tax incentives to Oil Companies, and no-bid contracts to Halliburton Co. These over the top aggressive monetary initiatives had zero benefit to those earning less than $90,000 a year. In essence these monetary policies coupled with significant rising cost in housing, energy, and gas broke the camels back . The American people can only be stretched so far. And even today as I speak President Bush and his Administrators are doing nothing to assist American in these truly important livelihood and family matters but they daily they act to increase the wealth of already well off. I quote the movie Kingdom of Heaven, 2005 “What man is a man, if he does not make the world better”. G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney hold positions leading the entire United States of America but they will not leave it in a better state when they leave office. This facts are exactly why the American people have lost all faith in their President, G.W. Bush.

The text book definition of Lame Duck is “official in the final period of office, after the election of a successor (Oxford Dictionary1997)”. In addition Checks & Balances Blog also defines Lame Duck as a president whom is rendered incapable of governing the nation.

These definitions precisely describe the role G.W. Bush is playing now, today in American politics. The American people and even Congress are beginning to dream of what progress truly could made with a new president. It is unfortunate that G.W. Bush still has 3 years left on his term.

I pray our future leaders, children can understand those that do not support the President they know, G.W. Bush so I will offer a poem and a joke that I found on the internet that touch upon the subjects I address.

1) This brainless presidentHas led you down a shameful pathRead the figuresDo the mathNo WMD in IraqNo terror linksNo 9/11 helpThe whole thing stinksHe has created anarchy from a fearful dayHe has ineptly lostWhat was all to playJust HOW wrong can one man be?Enough to shame AmericaFor one lifetimeOr to eternity?Well, eternity is longBut his actions do ensureThe stigma of incompetenceWill outlive his tenureHe took a possible chanceStemming from a dreadful dayHe drove it into the dirtFuture generations now to payWhat a sickening lossHe has made of it allAnd at terrible costAmerica's rep to fallIt's overdue he was told To fold up his sorry tentThis sad joke, this foolThis lame duck president
-Steeleyes, cyberspace

2) Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his weekly briefing on coalition forces fighting in Iraq. He concludes his statement by saying: "And yesterday, tragically, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed fighting the insurgency."

"OH DEAR GOD, NO!" George W. Bush exclaims. "That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard."
His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the president sits very still, head in hands, breathing heavily and sweating, but not saying a word.
Finally, the President of the United States, clearly devastated, looks up and asks Rumsfeld, "How many millions are in a Brazillion?"

There are 5 reasonable justifications of why a U.S. President should be or leading up to censorship, investigation, indictment, and impeachment. They are: High-Crimes and misdemeanors, incompetents, corruption, moral transgressions, and the inability to govern. Many of these are linked but can also stand alone.

No, the Constitution does not say we can remove a president for incompetents which is the focus of this paper. However, hear me if you will. The president & CEO’s of companies are removed for far lesser reasons and performance-related factors. Royal Ahold of Cees van der Hoevern, and Philip Condit of Boeing. Pressure from shareholders demanding results. As a tax paying American citizen we are all shareholders in America, demanding positive result form our President. G.W. Bush has failed. He has proven incompetent as the CEO of America.
Let me furthermore provide a specific example of G.W. Bush’s job performance as compared to other presidents.

Presidential Vetoes
Washington 1st–4th 2
Lincoln 37th–39th 7
Garfield 47th 0
Cleveland 49th–50th 414
T. Roosevelt 57th–60th 82
F. D. Roosevelt 73rd–79th 635
Kennedy 87th–88th 21
Carter 95th–96th 31
Reagan 97th–100th 78
G.H.W. Bush1 101st–102nd 44
Clinton 103rd–106th 37
G. W. Bush 107th–108th 0

Notice, the only other president with 0 vetoes was Garfield whom died in office. My analysis from this observation would be to determine G.W. Bush an “empty suit” void of intellect, compassion and inept to serve. This incompetents acknowledged now by the American people tells me that G.W. is incapable of governing the nation.

The manner in which our nation is being led today, is not how it always has been. A President has never served so poorly from Washington to Garfield to Clinton as G.W. Bush is today.

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