Friday, February 24, 2006

Grassroots Impeachment Movement Continues to Grow

27 Members of the House Now Support Impeachment Inquiry

There are now 27 members of the House of Representatives, including John Conyers, the ranking Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee who are supporting a bill, H. Res 635, calling for "a select committee to investigate the Administration's intent to go to war before Congressional authorization, manipulation of pre-war intelligence, encouraging and countenancing torture, retaliating against critics, and to make recommendations regarding grounds for possible impeachment."

"Our principles are enshrined in our Constitution and a system of duly enacted laws, and in a government where all are accountable and no one is above the law," stated Rep. Barbara Lee of California, one of the co-sponsors of the impeachment inquiry. "Our Constitution gives us a system of checks and balances and divided power because our founders were bitterly familiar with dealing with an unaccountable executive and were determined that our nation should not have a king," said Congresswoman Lee.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tampa Bay Politics. Idiotic Liberals

I must firmly come out against my fellow progressives whom are opposing Hilary Clinton so soon in being the next President of the United States, and her visit to Tampa to this week.

I use to share the same views as some of these far leftist. That the principle of supporting a good person like Ralph Nader was honorable. That I would not sacrifice my beliefs in order to support a lesser of to evils in the Democratic candidate. I know have come to the reality that this is simply a dream in American politics. At least until we have a good man or woman in the White House to steer our nation towards positive uncorrupt reforms.

There are many things I like about the Honorable Ms. Hilary Clinton. She is a fighter and we know what she will do if elected. DO NOT confuse her as a flip flopper, and I say this specifically in regards to a radio statement that Clinton changes her positions. This is false, Clinton’s positions are consistent. Do not confuse her with the likes of John Kerry. She has a record and has taking tangible initiative on issues such as Health Care and children’s issues.

I would be more than happy to align myself with Greens and left progressive but the fact is you have no unity, you do not work together, and you have no viable leaders. It all practicality, support Ms. Clinton or get your act together and win elections.

Clinton is someone that can whip the ass of the GOP

St. Pete for Peace is protesting Ms. Clintons visit to Tampa. Even though your group is not putting forth any viable alternative candidates and your group is not putting forth any issue campaigns that can be supported by the public. This is where your energies should be directed, not towards defeating someone that could be your ally. Don’t be idiotic, your pride and principle is worthless if another corrupt Republican is elected.

I simply ask you to not add to corrupt conservatives opposing Clinton, killing your very cause.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sarasota: Constitutional Vigil

Katherine Harris' Office
1991 Main Street, Suite 181
Sarasota, FL
22 Feb 06:30 PM

Restore the Rule of Law: President Bush admitted to personally authorizing thousands of allegedly illegal wiretaps, and he doesn't plan to stop. In response to this historic abuse of power, which threatens the very core of our Constitution, we've mounted a campaign to "Restore the Rule of Law." This Constitutional Vigil will take place outside Katherine Harris’ office (1991 Main Street, Suite 181).

I have decided to Host this event along with Moveon.Org in order to inform District 13 Rep. Katherine Harris of local opposition to the NSA Domestic Surveillance Program. You make ask why not simply meet with Ms. Harris. I have written this office in the past and have received automated responses.

Rep. Heather Wilson (R-NM), who chairs the subcommittee that oversees the National Security Agency was joined by at least six other republicans in questioning the president’s illegal authority to use wiretaps. Wilson has called for a full scale investigations.

I also hope for a full independent investigation, in addition to the White House releasing all information in regards to the name of American citizens whom have been under investigation via this illegal program. I call for the Federal government to follow the rule of law as it clearly establishes the FISA Court as the sole means of issuing wiretaps upon U.S. citizens.

All are welcome. The event will last approximately 30 minutes. See you there!

-Anthony Brooks

Monday, February 20, 2006

Beautiful Florida

Warm Mineral Spring in North Port, FL

Nice place, good Russian food. The water was actually cold when I visited and I didn't see spring bubbles coming up like you do at other Florida springs like Lithia Springs. The water had a salty taste so I guess minerals were popping up from somewhere.

Cool little place to take your family. Also good exercise for the old folk too(just kidding).

As you many know, there are ‘factions’ that want to drill for Oil off the cost of Florida. I do not support and will never support such drilling. Florida’s industry is tourism founded on our beauty and its environment. This why Floridian love our state. 10 minute drive to a beautiful beach, last thing I want to see is an oil rig.

The energy solutions for our state does not lie in Oil but in alternative energies and fuels. Furthermore Florida residents would not benefit financial from such drilling. The benefit I’m speaking of are jobs. There is a better way. Jeb Bush , GOP FL State legislature, and County Governments have the power to offer financial incentives to producers of alternative energies. An old saying but state & local governments need to “think outside the box”.

One prime endeavor could be tax breaks to companies whom work in Solar power. Remember Walt Disney World has become a power house in Florida because of initial tax breaks giving by the State of Florida and Orange County.

Aren’t known as the sunshine state? Why not attempt to explore the Solar industry? It seems to worth the risk and investment. Texas who already has a national monopoly over Oil is exploring wind power. Lets step ahead of other states, preserve our environment while creating jobs through new industries.

Here in Florida we are prone to hurricanes. During the last two storms, Jeb asked Texas for Oil. As one of the most populous and largest by size states in the union its time we kicked our addiction to Texas Oil.

Freedom Movement, Re-thought.

There is a large number of Americans that want to see G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney resign or be impeached. In light of the current political climate I believe this goal is more of a reality.

After this, excuse my French, Bull Shit with wiretapping upon American citizens without going through the FISA Court I see this now longer as a movement for Impeachment but a movement for Freedom. While Freedom is on the march in Iraq and Afghanistan it is being constricted in America. As I think on this matter I must also say that I am fully conscious of the additional constriction of economic freedoms that motivate the pursuit of the American dream.

As shown in the picture above from September 2005, 100,000 plus + American citizens protested right outside of the White House in opposition to this Administration.

It upsets me greatly that our government and certain 'Media outlets' continue to ignore the vast numbers that oppose the current agenda.

They say liberals, independents, greens have no 'legitimate' ideas. Legitimate according to whom: The GOP? I beg to differ: not just on this blog but countless Democratic politicians have been attempting to present bills & ideas that have been rejected by the GOP.

Specifically: the War in Iraq, Corruption, Domestic policy and advancing regular citizens.

This event in September should have sent a wake up call to the President and to Conservatives in charge that they need to at the least listen to those in opposition.

Rep. John Lewis (D) [whom walked along Martin Luther King Jr.] said and I paraphrase, ‘as a boy he lived on a farm where he raised chickens. He aspired to be a minister and practiced his sermons on these chickens. Mr. Lewis said those chickens use to node their heads like they understood what he was saying. Mr. Lewis in a recent speech said those chickens listened to him more than the Republicans in charge of the government. ‘

I believe that us concerned citizens, after our democratic opinions being ignored for years should cease in following simple acts of civil protest & assembling, and engage in actions of civil disobedience to the very boundary of the law.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Dick Cheney should step down.

30 years of service in question.

From the first day the Bush Administration was sworn in, Dick Cheney has been the target of allegations of corruption and conspiracy theories. It is ironic that this Vice Presdent known as the “military industrial complex” has had a terrible accident with a fire arm.

Any American with common sense can not deny that at least as it relates to Vice-President Dick Cheney after failing to notify the public of this accident for 20 hours and just today he decides to speak on this matter personally (that). This coupled with the fact that Cheney’s Fmr. Chief of Staff L. Libby recently stating he released National Intelligence information on approval form his superiors. Libby had only 4 superiors: Dick Cheney, Andy Card, Karl Rove, and President Bush. Identifying Cheney as the central figure in the Culture (s) of corruption, deception, misinformation, manipulation, and malfeasance do have merit.

I write with respect for Cheney’s 30 years of service as Chief of Staff for President Ford, Secretary of Defense, CEO of Halliburton, and Vice President for G.W. Bush. But honestly, Cheney is a problem. This man that has been a powerful political force behind the curtain, unfortunately I believe his time has come to resign from government.

There is simply no defense for this possible act of malfeasance, in addition too but not enough reason to fire a public official this act of selfish arrogance.. The Vice President of United States is not a private citizen. Everyone knows that once someone chooses to seek elected office their affairs are no longer private. Furthermore, the Executive Office of the President is served by the Press Secretary who reports when the presidential dog is sick nether the less if the Vice President accidentally shoots someone.

Once a man like Dick Cheney, a public servant, believes the interest of his person is above the duties of his office, he is no longer fit to serve the People.

FL Politics: Rod Smith for Governor gains Momentum

For the last year Congressman Jim Davis has been the front runner in the race to be the next governor of the great state of Florida. He has been presented as the heir apparent to follow in the legacy of democratic governors like Bob Graham and “Walking” Lawton Chiles.

However in light of the current political climate in Washington and the popularity of the republican contenders, FL State Democrats must put forth a fighter, and someone that has a proven record of service. That is why I believe that Rod Smith should be the Democratic nominate and the next Governor of Florida. I have shaken hands both with Davis and Smith and looked them both square in the eye. I have also heard both men speak live on several occasions. I’ll some it up for you: both men are text book politicians.

Davis will tell you hat he thinks you want to hear and at least from his speeches he has a lack of substance. Davis is a U.S. Congressman. I personally am very concerned with the happenings in Washington D.C. Davis's lack of leadership in such matters as Hurricane Katrina, Iraq, and corruption is what has changed my support for his candidacy. Davis, a current member of Congress failed to even mentioned any of these items.

Smith in my opinion was the underdog but now after speaking a strong Democratic line and frankly remembering shaking my hand he has my vote and my support. We need a strong Democrat that will challenge the GOP.

Davis is running a Kerry-like campaign. A weak substance less campaign. I look at the Republican challengers: Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher. Crist is extremely popular, therefore it will take a campaign fighter like Rod Smith to beat him.

As a member of the Democratic Party, I personally hope that our party will not waist any opportunity to take back the State of Florida.

That is why Floridians must put forth a strong Democrat in Rod Smith for Governor of the great State of Florida. This is not an endorsement but a statement that Smith is looking to be a more viable candidate.

Rod Smith for Governor:

Jim Davis for Governor:

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Stewards of the Earth: Christian Environmentalism

Some Christian groups answer the call of God and take up the cause of environmentalism.

Despite what religious leaders like Pat Robertson would seek to mislead you into believing, this movement is not aimed at harming industry but it prays to sincerely become stewards of Gods great creation, our planet Earth.


Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Bush Budget 2007: Part I

It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian. When it comes to Power within the United States of America, its about dollars.

Dollars, a language we all can speak. After hearing Joshua Bolten, White House Budget Director present the President’s 2007 Budget I must respective fully say that the U.S. is fucked. No, this is not something I wish and I fret to speak so negatively about my nation.

Let me first say that I do understand the basics of economics and monetary policy and its relation to public policy.

Since 1994 after Republicans gained control of Congress the nation’s coffers have been managed irresponsibly and in direct contrast to traditional conservative values exposing fiscal responsibility.

Joshua Bolten, as an employee of President G.W. Bush would have you believe that WE must cut or as he stated “control the rate of growth for entitlement programs’. This Administration believes we must cut services like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

In regards to these two health programs. These are the only national health programs we have in America, they even are not accessible for all citizens, only a miniscule number of qualified elderly and disabled Americans can benefit. So I ask you, with all logic and compassion how can an already limited program even be considered to be ‘controlled’?

Now, on to Social Security. Like stated earlier this all about dollars. My friend every working tax paying American pays into Social Security. The Government has no right to do anything with your money than what this program was intended for. What is wrong with the brains of politicians whom proclaim that Social Security is a financial burden when this program at least in my view if managed correctly should pay for itself. If this is not the case then countless public officials need to be fired. I have worked and paid Social Security Taxes since I was 16 years old, investing about 10 years into Social Security. I will have more than a cow if I do not receive back at the least what I put into this program. These rich elites, whom do not benefit from Social Security fail to see its importance to working people. If they attempt to, what I see, as stealing this hard earned retirement money from working class people the result will be old people with their walkers marching down Pennsylvania Ave. These bureaucrats have a duty to effectively manage our Social Security Trust and to look to solve the monetary blunders they have created elsewhere.

Bolten blamed sky rocketing deficits on Hurricane Katrina and higher energy cost. This is a falsification. The deficits were skyrocketing long before August 2005. What happened to natural disaster planning and the responsibilities of insurance companies ? The price of gas had doubled long before Katrina. This storm was an excuse not a cause. And yes, lets talk about energy cost: under the G.W. Bush energy cost have sky rocketed but what has this Administration done solve these problems. I’ll tell you what. Nothing but measures that worsened these situations.

The truth is Supplemental Appropriations for Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Tax Cuts, and corporate oil company incentives has increase the national deficit. Bolten failed to even mentioned the impact of these $80 Billion A Year expenditures above the already enormous Defense Dept Budget until questioned by a reporter. And my friend the Dept of Homeland Security which is an entirely new department was created during the G.W. Bush Administration. Washington to Clinton protected our nation fine without this wasteful department. Yes, like I said its all about dollars.

This current government, not that of Jimmy Carter, not that of Ronald Regan, not that of George Bush Sr., not that of Bill Clinton but only this GOP Administration have so irresponsibly mismanaged our dollars. I heard someone say that under G.W. Bush the national debt has increased at a greater rate then all other presidents combined. And those who say G.W. Bush has not control over the U.S. economy, you were misinformed. It is the President who proposes the government’s budget.

But don’t take my word for it. I will provide resources for you look at the budget yourself below. I strongly believe this 2007 Budget is the most import since Vietnam. I know this because it is in the aftermath of 9/11and the nation is emerging from a haze of terror & fear and engaging in dialogue on this War on Terror. I know this because this Budget is occurring fiscally immediately after Hurricane Katrina. I know this because just a year after re-election now know competency level of G.W. Bush. And I know this because we have the opportunity in this Budget to end the War in Iraq.

I would even ask you to entertain this ‘radical’ idea: the people of the State of California recalled their Democratic Governor Grey Davis and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The polls show that a significant majority of Americans believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, especially financially. So, could we also agree to remove the leaders that brought us to this situation? And not give Congressmen 11 more months, and the President 3 more years to slowly dismantle the economic strength of America but to remove them from office this month, February 2006. This is the great democracy of the world, we the people must have some legal or democratic means to hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions.

This 2007 Budget is as important as balancing your personnel check book.

Summary of the Proposed U.S. Budget 2007:

  • Dept. of Defense = $440 Billion
  • Dept. of Homeland Security = $33 Billion
  • All Other Departments = $398 Billion
  • War in Iraq, Afghanistan & Terror = $120 Billion (per year)
  • Hurricane Response = $4.6 Billion
Please consider doing the following:
1) Ask your Representative and Senator to not make a fast vote on this Budget.
2) Check out the Budget for yourself.
3) Contact your Rep., your Senator and the President and tell them how you would like to se your tax dollars spent.

U.S. Budget 2007 Research:

-Anthony Brooks
Checks & Balances Blog

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

In Honor of: Corretta Scott King

In Honor of
Corretta Scott King

They say behind every great man, there is a great woman. That is precisely how to describe the late wife of the great American the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Corretta Scott King.

Ms. King “embodied her husbands legacy”. She continued this fight for civil rights and what she called three crimes of humanity: war, poverty, and racism.

NPR covers her “homecoming” well. You can hear the speeches of 4 U.S. Presidents. Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton and Bush Jr. An amazing event in honor of two great Black Americans.

The King Center:

NPR Reports:

NY Times Reports:
Video Speech of Martin Luther in Relation to the Iraq War:

State of Delusion

State of Delusion
Friday, February 03 2006 @ 10:08 AM PST
By PAUL KRUGMANNY Times Op-Ed 2/3/06

"So President Bush's plan to reduce imports of Middle East oil turns out to be no more substantial than his plan — floated two years ago, then flushed down the memory hole — to send humans to Mars.

But what did you expect? After five years in power, the Bush administration is still — perhaps more than ever — run by Mayberry Machiavellis, who don't take the business of governing seriously.

Here's the story on oil: In the State of the Union address, Mr. Bush suggested that "cutting-edge methods of producing ethanol" and other technologies would allow us "to replace more than 75 percent of our oil imports from the Middle East."But the next day, officials explained that he didn't really mean what he said. "This was purely an example," said Samuel Bodman, the energy secretary. And the administration has actually been scaling back the very research that Mr. Bush hyped on Tuesday night: the National Renewable Energy Laboratory is about to lay off staff because of cuts to its budget.

"A veteran researcher," reports The New York Times, "said the staff had been told that the cuts would be concentrated among researchers in wind and biomass, which includes ethanol.

"Why announce impressive sounding goals when you have no plan to achieve them? The best guess is that the energy "plan" was hastily thrown together to give Mr. Bush something positive to say.

For weeks administration sources told reporters that the State of the Union address would focus on health care. But at the last minute the White House might have realized that its health care proposals, based on the idea that Americans have too much insurance, would suffer the same political fate as its attempt to privatize Social Security. ("Congress," Mr. Bush said, "did not act last year on my proposal to save Social Security." Democrats responded with a standing ovation.)

So Mr. Bush's speechwriters were told to replace the health care proposals with fine words about energy independence, words not backed by any actual policy.

What about the rest of the speech? The State of the Union is normally an occasion for boasting about an administration's achievements. But what's a speechwriter to do when there are no achievements?

One answer is to pretend that the bad stuff never happened. The Medicare drug benefit is Mr. Bush's largest domestic initiative to date. It is also a disaster: at enormous cost, the administration has managed to make millions of elderly Americans worse off. So drugs went unmentioned in the State of the Union.

Another answer is to rely on evasive language. In Iraq, Mr. Bush said, we have "changed our approach to reconstruction."

In fact, reconstruction has failed. Almost three years after the war began, oil production is well below prewar levels, Baghdad is getting only an average of 3.2 hours of electricity a day, and more than 60 percent of water and sanitation projects have been canceled.

So now, having squandered billions in Iraqi oil revenue as well as American taxpayer dollars, we have told the Iraqis that from here on in it is their problem. America's would-be Marshall Plan in Iraq, reports The Los Angeles Times, "is drawing to a close this year with much of its promise unmet and no plans to extend its funding." I guess you can call that a change in approach.There is a common theme underlying the botched reconstruction of Iraq, the botched response to Katrina (which Mr. Bush never mentioned), the botched drug program and the nonexistent energy program.

John DiIulio, the former White House head of faith-based policy, explained it more than three years ago. He told the reporter Ron Suskind how this administration operates:

"There is no precedent in any modern White House for what is going on in this one: a complete lack of a policy apparatus. ... I heard many, many staff discussions but not three meaningful, substantive policy discussions.

There were no actual policy white papers on domestic issues."In other words, this administration is all politics and no policy. It knows how to attain power, but has no idea how to govern. That is why the administration was caught unaware when Katrina hit, and why it was totally unprepared for the predictable problems with its drug plan. It is why Mr. Bush announced an energy plan with no substance behind it. And it is why the state of the union — the thing itself and not the speech — is so grim. "

Peninsula Peace and Justice Center · 457 Kingsley Ave · Palo Alto, CA

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Battle of Words

President G.W. Bush has exerted all of his political capital. He has been the master of communicating messages to the American people while simultaneously initiating a contradictory policy. Since elected he has been in constant campaign mode and has yet to govern the nation in any other area but security. It is this very area where he has taking advantage of a need for strong leadership in the aftermath of 9/11. He almost cowardly clings to the advantages this tragic event gave him by constantly delivering messages of fear, eminent terrorist attacks and nuclear threats from rogue nations.

His current rhetoric reminds me of an old story called:

"The Boy Who Cried Wolf," by The Boy Who Cried Wolf

That's me. I'm the boy. This is my story.I was given a big job to do: watching a big herd of sheep. I had to protect them from the big hungry wolf.If I saw the wolf, the people from the village would come running to catch him.This is a pretty tough job, so I got a book from the library called "How to Watch Sheep." It said:YOU MAY BE SCAREDYOU MAY BE WORRIEDTHAT YOU WON'T KNOWJUST WHAT TO DOIF SOMETHING BIGAND BAD AND FURRYCOMES TRYING TO STEALTHOSE SHEEP FROM YOU!JUST CRY "WOLF!"I was practicing shouting "wolf!" and the villagers heard me. They came running."Somebody cried 'wolf!' Where's the wolf?""I heard you cry 'wolf'? Are the sheep okay? What's happening?"But there was no wolf, so I said, "False alarm! Sorry!" I went back to my job, and the villagers went back to the village.After a while, I decided to let the sheep know they were safe with me. I told them that if I see a big wolf . . .I'LL JUST CRY "WOLF!"A BIG BIG WOLF!JUST CRY "WOLF!"ALL THE FOLKS WILL COME A-RUNNING.ALL I HAVE TO DO IS CRY "WOLF!"The villagers heard me talking to the sheep. They came running again."Somebody cried 'wolf!' again! Where's the wolf again?""I heard you cry 'wolf'? Are the sheep okay again? What's happening?"But there was no wolf again, so I said, "False alarm! Sorry!" I went back to my job, and again the villagers went back to the village.This was fun! It's not often a whole village will listen to a kid like me. After a while, I decided to practice one more time. If I see a big wolf . . .I'LL JUST CRY "WOLF!"A BIG BIG WOLF!JUST CRY "WOLF!"ALL THE FOLKS WILL COME A-RUNNING.ALL I HAVE TO DO IS CRY "WOLF!"A big crowd from the little village came running to help me again. But there was no big wolf again."Wow, you came even faster this time!" I said. The villagers were not happy. Not one bit. "I don't believe this. That's the third time I came running for nothing! I think this big job has gone to that little boy's head!"And they all headed back to the village.But then the big hungry wolf really did come to steal the sheep!I cried "WOLF!" No one came.I shouted "WOLF!" No one came again.I yelled "WOLF!" No one came some more.I screamed "WOLF!""That's me," said the wolf, and without so much as a huff or a puff, he disappeared with all my sheep - the big ones and the little ones.

This Orwellian strategy of saying one thing but doing another has left G.W. Bush in a position where he is forced to always be on his toes, as a liar must keep his stories straight. I hope he also must now choose to tell the truth. His administration’s self imposed disadvantages such as of a lost of public trust also force them to pursue an agenda that is more inline with a plurality of the American people, not simply those that voted for them. Is my observation incorrect? G. W. Bush said “the American people are addicted to oil” and he is talking about using grass to create fuel for cars.

Lets also get back to those rogue nations. North Korea shot a missile over Japan literally taunted us but we ignored them. Iran has been talking (excuse my French) smack, advocating destroying Israel and reinstitution of a nuclear energy program for some time. Are we now in a position where we must fight Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Iran?

A politician will tell you whatever you want to hear to get your vote. G.W. Bush has taken this to the extreme, even after elected he continues to manipulate the public by mouthing political rhetoric. However he has cried wolf too many times. G.W. Bush has been President of the U.S. for over half a decade and the only agenda items completed under his watch has been a new bankruptcy law, the Dept. of Homeland Security, Tort reforms, Medicaid reforms, a free trade agreement, a transportation bill, and an energy bill. Do you see a trend in these initiatives, and have you heard the news about their failures, pork, and how your money is being wasted in many of these bills? And do you realize it is Homeland Security that was responsible for the failures in response to Hurricane Katrina?

A nation cannot be ran on wedge issues. Such issues win elections but they do not govern a country. Our nation and our people deserve a President who is focused on doing his job, a President that is able to govern, a President whom is not 100% of the time in campaign mode. It appears that in response to the 2006 State of the Union the Democratic Party is finally articulating a better way.

Perception or Truth?

President G.W. Bush has recently said that pictures coming out of Iraq and New Orleans are the cause of the decline in support for his agenda

If this is his sincere perception then we have a problem here in America.

The founders of our nation established the freedom of press and therefore information.

Unedited pictures informing the American public on happenings throughout the world is unquestionably responsible. The President’s insinuation that if in his powers he would suppress such information is against the very principles our nation was founded upon. The Freedom of Press and the Power of Oversight by Congress based on unadulterated information.