Monday, February 20, 2006

Beautiful Florida

Warm Mineral Spring in North Port, FL

Nice place, good Russian food. The water was actually cold when I visited and I didn't see spring bubbles coming up like you do at other Florida springs like Lithia Springs. The water had a salty taste so I guess minerals were popping up from somewhere.

Cool little place to take your family. Also good exercise for the old folk too(just kidding).

As you many know, there are ‘factions’ that want to drill for Oil off the cost of Florida. I do not support and will never support such drilling. Florida’s industry is tourism founded on our beauty and its environment. This why Floridian love our state. 10 minute drive to a beautiful beach, last thing I want to see is an oil rig.

The energy solutions for our state does not lie in Oil but in alternative energies and fuels. Furthermore Florida residents would not benefit financial from such drilling. The benefit I’m speaking of are jobs. There is a better way. Jeb Bush , GOP FL State legislature, and County Governments have the power to offer financial incentives to producers of alternative energies. An old saying but state & local governments need to “think outside the box”.

One prime endeavor could be tax breaks to companies whom work in Solar power. Remember Walt Disney World has become a power house in Florida because of initial tax breaks giving by the State of Florida and Orange County.

Aren’t known as the sunshine state? Why not attempt to explore the Solar industry? It seems to worth the risk and investment. Texas who already has a national monopoly over Oil is exploring wind power. Lets step ahead of other states, preserve our environment while creating jobs through new industries.

Here in Florida we are prone to hurricanes. During the last two storms, Jeb asked Texas for Oil. As one of the most populous and largest by size states in the union its time we kicked our addiction to Texas Oil.

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