Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Bush Budget 2007: Part I

It does not matter if you are a Democrat, Republican, Green, Independent or Libertarian. When it comes to Power within the United States of America, its about dollars.

Dollars, a language we all can speak. After hearing Joshua Bolten, White House Budget Director present the President’s 2007 Budget I must respective fully say that the U.S. is fucked. No, this is not something I wish and I fret to speak so negatively about my nation.

Let me first say that I do understand the basics of economics and monetary policy and its relation to public policy.

Since 1994 after Republicans gained control of Congress the nation’s coffers have been managed irresponsibly and in direct contrast to traditional conservative values exposing fiscal responsibility.

Joshua Bolten, as an employee of President G.W. Bush would have you believe that WE must cut or as he stated “control the rate of growth for entitlement programs’. This Administration believes we must cut services like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security.

In regards to these two health programs. These are the only national health programs we have in America, they even are not accessible for all citizens, only a miniscule number of qualified elderly and disabled Americans can benefit. So I ask you, with all logic and compassion how can an already limited program even be considered to be ‘controlled’?

Now, on to Social Security. Like stated earlier this all about dollars. My friend every working tax paying American pays into Social Security. The Government has no right to do anything with your money than what this program was intended for. What is wrong with the brains of politicians whom proclaim that Social Security is a financial burden when this program at least in my view if managed correctly should pay for itself. If this is not the case then countless public officials need to be fired. I have worked and paid Social Security Taxes since I was 16 years old, investing about 10 years into Social Security. I will have more than a cow if I do not receive back at the least what I put into this program. These rich elites, whom do not benefit from Social Security fail to see its importance to working people. If they attempt to, what I see, as stealing this hard earned retirement money from working class people the result will be old people with their walkers marching down Pennsylvania Ave. These bureaucrats have a duty to effectively manage our Social Security Trust and to look to solve the monetary blunders they have created elsewhere.

Bolten blamed sky rocketing deficits on Hurricane Katrina and higher energy cost. This is a falsification. The deficits were skyrocketing long before August 2005. What happened to natural disaster planning and the responsibilities of insurance companies ? The price of gas had doubled long before Katrina. This storm was an excuse not a cause. And yes, lets talk about energy cost: under the G.W. Bush energy cost have sky rocketed but what has this Administration done solve these problems. I’ll tell you what. Nothing but measures that worsened these situations.

The truth is Supplemental Appropriations for Wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, Tax Cuts, and corporate oil company incentives has increase the national deficit. Bolten failed to even mentioned the impact of these $80 Billion A Year expenditures above the already enormous Defense Dept Budget until questioned by a reporter. And my friend the Dept of Homeland Security which is an entirely new department was created during the G.W. Bush Administration. Washington to Clinton protected our nation fine without this wasteful department. Yes, like I said its all about dollars.

This current government, not that of Jimmy Carter, not that of Ronald Regan, not that of George Bush Sr., not that of Bill Clinton but only this GOP Administration have so irresponsibly mismanaged our dollars. I heard someone say that under G.W. Bush the national debt has increased at a greater rate then all other presidents combined. And those who say G.W. Bush has not control over the U.S. economy, you were misinformed. It is the President who proposes the government’s budget.

But don’t take my word for it. I will provide resources for you look at the budget yourself below. I strongly believe this 2007 Budget is the most import since Vietnam. I know this because it is in the aftermath of 9/11and the nation is emerging from a haze of terror & fear and engaging in dialogue on this War on Terror. I know this because this Budget is occurring fiscally immediately after Hurricane Katrina. I know this because just a year after re-election now know competency level of G.W. Bush. And I know this because we have the opportunity in this Budget to end the War in Iraq.

I would even ask you to entertain this ‘radical’ idea: the people of the State of California recalled their Democratic Governor Grey Davis and replaced him with Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. The polls show that a significant majority of Americans believe the U.S. is headed in the wrong direction, especially financially. So, could we also agree to remove the leaders that brought us to this situation? And not give Congressmen 11 more months, and the President 3 more years to slowly dismantle the economic strength of America but to remove them from office this month, February 2006. This is the great democracy of the world, we the people must have some legal or democratic means to hold our elected officials accountable for their decisions.

This 2007 Budget is as important as balancing your personnel check book.

Summary of the Proposed U.S. Budget 2007:

  • Dept. of Defense = $440 Billion
  • Dept. of Homeland Security = $33 Billion
  • All Other Departments = $398 Billion
  • War in Iraq, Afghanistan & Terror = $120 Billion (per year)
  • Hurricane Response = $4.6 Billion
Please consider doing the following:
1) Ask your Representative and Senator to not make a fast vote on this Budget.
2) Check out the Budget for yourself.
3) Contact your Rep., your Senator and the President and tell them how you would like to se your tax dollars spent.

U.S. Budget 2007 Research:

-Anthony Brooks
Checks & Balances Blog


Aaron said...

We need to prepare for the Baby Boomers and start cutting back on government spending. I think Bush’s budget did not go far enough in trimming government coffers.

In about 10 - 15 years, there will be no way that we can afford to pay for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

We could radically increase taxes. However, this will cripple future generations. We can increase the budget deficit. But it will lead to serious systemic risks to our economy. We should reduce benefits promised during a previous era of prosperity in our country. Of course, we can try a combination of all three, but we would be left with a situation akin to eurosclerosis.

We must make the painful choice of reducing benefits and reshaping Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid to care for the very neediest in our country. It will be hard, but the demographic trend is inexorable.

Reality shouts that this is not a Republican or Democrat issue.

Bruce Larson*Moore said...

Master is as, Master Does.

The concept of "We" in the U.S. power structure, does not, and never has included its slave work force.


The Important One said...

I agree with Aaron. If the governtment does one thing there will always be a back thing behind it in return. There will always be an omnious feeling towards the government because no matter what they do the people will have something to say against what it is they did.

The cut in student loans,Medicare, Medicaid, etc. is rediculous. But like Aaron said the government will just have to reshape how the student loans,Medicare, Medicaid, etc. are runned. The system As we know it be no longer work the same way it has been working.

The question I think is in 15-20 years from now how is this goinging to inprove our economy? How is this decision from our Predsident going to futher our counrty in any aspect?

Be Easy. Be You.

Anthony said...

Student Loans, Medicaid, Medicare.

The problem with our economy is not caused by this programs, nor is the solutions in cutting funding from them.

How are we to build an educated work force if student can’t afford to go to school? How are we to create new industries and technologies without an emphasis on education. We are already behind other actions. I know that if in charge Democrats will focus on these things and help put our country back on the right track.

The problem is money spent on the War on Terror, corruption, tax cuts for the rich, and artificially inflated consumer prices like gas, healthcare and automobiles.

Anthony said...

Hilary Clinton rejects Bush Budget: